Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ready for Some GOOD News? l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Your quick response is already delivering vital help to the hungry in India. Miraculously, it took HALF THE TIME the bank estimated to complete the transfer of your gifts to India! That means relief food deliveries by our church pastors will resume without delay.

As you know, the situation for the next three weeks of the lockdown remains dire. We are grateful for your continued prayers for adequate provision to see our churches though this critical period. Thank you also for continuing to spread the word and share Kathlein's video so we can continue to deliver these lifesaving food kits until the lockdown is lifted. 

Your unwavering generosity and passionate love for those less fortunate encourages and inspires us - always. But it is especially humbling now because we know you are suffering, too. We are praying for you daily.

Tom Caprio & the Kerusomen Board

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Heart for the Helpless in India l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Kathlein Ambridge, a volunteer board member and long-time Kerusomen partner, jumped into action and created this video to alert you to the tragic and dangerous realities on the ground in India caused by the coronavirus lockdown. In it, she also explains how God has provided us with a way to help them.

The coronavirus has affected us all. We are isolated socially. Some of us have reduced income. Many have no income at all. We see people separated and in masks, long lines, and empty store shelves. We here at Kerusomen are continually praying for you and your family that hopefully, recovery will begin soon.

As we watch the news and anticipate a lifting of restrictions, our church family and the communities they serve in India have suffered a devastating setback:  the government has extended their lockdown for 3 more weeks, at least.

Now it’s difficult to know which is the greater threat to life in India: The virus or starvation.  

When the initial lockdown happened on March 24, families were given just four hours to prepare. Over a billion people scrambled to their homes before transportation was shut down. Day laborers, who work today for tomorrow’s food, were unable to stock their kitchens for the three week siege. By day two of the lockdown, they had no money to replenish their food.  Pastor Saha said on a recent zoom call that 99% of KGM believers are day laborers.

Friday, April 17, 2020

KGM India Churches Deliver Truckloads of Love l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Hope is real. Help is Real. Love is Real. These are the messages KGM churches are delivering by the truckload to the people of India. Bags of blessings are being dropped on doorsteps in secret. Poor families that are suffering from hunger and despair are receiving hugs of hope in bright colored bags filled with lifesaving food and supplies for their children. Thank you for empowering these believers to meet their neighbors most basic needs. 100% of the money you give goes to the mission field. Learn more:

Lockdown Love l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Amazing news! As the coronavirus spreads, all sixty-seven KGM churches that you helped plant are risking everything to feed the poor and needy in their local India communities during an extended lockdown. Despite their own trials and shrinking supplies, our church families are giving faithfully and generously to deliver lifesaving food kits of rice, dal (lentils, peas, & beans), sugar, tea powder, and dried fruit to hungry families who have less. None of this is possible without your support. On behalf of our churches in India and the communities they serve, a huge thank you to Kerusomen partners for helping them give this tangible gift of hope and compassion. Though we do not know what the coming hours, days, and weeks may hold, we do know that your support powers our ministry and keeps KGM churches spreading God's love, hope and compassion in the face of this pandemic. We are incredibly inspired by your commitment to the church families we serve and grateful for your ongoing faithfulness. With you at our side, we are able to feed more people and save more lives in India. 100% of the money you give goes to the mission field. Learn more:

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

We are so excited to celebrate Easter with you today.

Though we are going through challenging times full of struggles we take this day to celebrate light dawning in darkness, life returning after death, joy coming in the morning, and Jesus Christ declaring victory over sin. May you experience His resurrection power today and always.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Billy Graham Video: The Great Message

Wycliffe is celebrating the work God has done in Bible translation around the world since 1942. In 1981, while celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Cakchiquel New Testament translation, Billy Graham delivered a sermon about the importance of Bible translation in the context of the command that Jesus gave believers to come unto him and go into all the world. In this excerpt from his sermon, Billy Graham talks about the life of Cameron Townsend and encourages those listening to become a part of the work. He challenges all of us to consider our gifts, talents and the commandment from Jesus to deliver the Good News of the gospel in the streets, villages, cities and more. It is our desire at Wycliffe to see everyone encounter the Word of God in the language and form that speaks directly to their hearts. Wycliffe’s mission is to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

God's Love Goes Viral l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

We're excited to share another milestone with our Facebook followers and fellow shut-ins - the Kerusomen Blog Anniversary. It's one year since we retooled the Kerusomen Gospel Ministries blog page and we are humbled to see God using it to spread His love faster than the virus. He reigns over our circumstances and transforms them into good for His glory.

He has reached people from 49 countries around the globe and multiplied our readership by more than DOUBLE (up 132.5%) in the last month. While you're together-at-home why not go on a digital trip to India? See how God is reaching the unreached and how our awesome communities The Well and The Builders are transforming lives and communities with the Gospel message. Then share the link and His love with others, today!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Pray for Widows in the Pandemic

Today we are celebrating The Well partners who pray and serve widows month in and month out, year after year, bringing desperately needed food and medical aid to "the least of these." As the coronavirus spreads, Kerusomen partners like you are spreading hope. Right now, access to food and medicine for our widows in India is critical. KGM pastors are delivering the life-saving supplies you sent enabling them to stay healthy and safe in the midst of the global health crisis. Your faithful and sacrificial giving (in the midst of your own trials) are, in the Apostle Paul's words, "a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, very pleasing to God." (Philippians 4:18)  They humble us more than you know and we thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. And a special thanks to our prayer partners, as well. Thank you for protecting the most vulnerable families here and in India with our most powerful God-given tool: prayer. Pray with knowledge for these widows real needs, right now...

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Pandemic Prayers for Pastors in India l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Today we are celebrating our prayer partners here and in India. We love that God has given us the opportunity right now, even in the midst of a pandemic, to serve and "be the church" together as one united Kerusomen family:  In Prayer. In Generosity. In Hope.  We know that God is moving actively all over the globe in this time of need. He invites us to call on Him and He promises to draw near to us when we do.

Pastor Saha and all sixty-seven KGM pastors from six states in India are holding 2-hour conference "prayer calls" daily lifting up the needs of Kerusomen Prayer Partners here and believers in India. Pictured above are the Area Coordinators for five of the six states: Pastor Rajendram, Kerala, Pastor Pransanth, Telangana, Pastor Sajan, Punjab, Pastor Jomon, Tamil Nadu, and Pastor Reddy, Andhra Pradesh.  They believe that prayer is the most important thing any of us can do. Period. We agree. Everything begins with prayer. Extraordinary prayer. We all need to pray. We need you to pray. We need prayer warriors.

Nothing is more powerful than the body of Christ united in prayer. Thank you for protecting the most vulnerable families in India with our most powerful God-given tool: prayer.

HE REIGNS l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

No matter what you are facing, He remains the Resurrected King of Kings – and He is worthy of our praise!  HE REIGNS!

This current pandemic has brought fear, suffering, and death to nearly every corner of the planet. The COVID-19 coronavirus has been a stark reminder of our mortality and frailty. But even through various levels of quarantine and lockdown, a magnificent chorus arises from the Church, the Body of Christ. Millions of voices from diverse locations, cultures, and languages continue their declaration of this eternal and irrepressible hope: “He is risen!”

Death is defeated. The King is ALIVE!

He rolled the stone away, and in an instant, death was swallowed up in victory! “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” (1 Corinthians 15:55).  In the midst of uncertainty, sickness, and death, the best thing we can do is worship. We turn our eyes to Jesus, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

And He is still there TODAY. It’s real!  He’s alive!  He reigns!

And ALL things are under His feet: sin, death, viruses... everything! “The LORD has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules over all” (Psalm 103:19).

No sickness, quarantine, or fear can diminish His worth! Nor can they silence our worship!

No matter what you are facing, He remains the Resurrected King of Kings – and He is worthy of our praise!

The above summary and video are from  We pray it will bless and comfort you today.

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