Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ready for Some GOOD News? l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Your quick response is already delivering vital help to the hungry in India. Miraculously, it took HALF THE TIME the bank estimated to complete the transfer of your gifts to India! That means relief food deliveries by our church pastors will resume without delay.

As you know, the situation for the next three weeks of the lockdown remains dire. We are grateful for your continued prayers for adequate provision to see our churches though this critical period. Thank you also for continuing to spread the word and share Kathlein's video so we can continue to deliver these lifesaving food kits until the lockdown is lifted. 

Your unwavering generosity and passionate love for those less fortunate encourages and inspires us - always. But it is especially humbling now because we know you are suffering, too. We are praying for you daily.

Tom Caprio & the Kerusomen Board

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