Saturday, February 18, 2023

Friends Needing Friends Celebrates 12 Years of Love in Action


What do you love? After God, family, and friends, Dotti Ackerman’s answer to that question is one simple word: widows. That answer birthed the Florida ministry and impact partner we're proud to celebrate today.

It’s a love story inspired by God and lived out day after day, year after year by its incredible leaders. What’s it look like? Countless hours of relentless planning and sacrifice motivated by an unstoppable passion. All to empower widows in need of a friend with new hope and a community they can depend on and thrive in.

Friends Needing Friends Sisterhood of Widows  is a labor of love worth celebrating and today marks the 12-year anniversary of its beginning in Florida. We’re head over heels in love with both their work here and their generous spirit that allows Kerusomen to reach more widows in need in India.

Thank-you Friends Needing Friends Florida, for walking alongside us to demonstrate the life-transforming love of Jesus to the widows He loves so dearly. We are deeply grateful for you. Happy Anniversary!

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