Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Who Are the Frontier Unreached Peoples? l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Imagine living in an area where NO ONE knows Jesus. A place where there are no churches, Bibles, missionaries or Christians. These are the Frontier Unreached Peoples. Nearly half of India's population lives in communities like this. So what are we doing about it?

If you've never heard about the Frontier People Groups (FPGs) you are not alone. Sadly, the plight of FPGs is rarely reported and goes largely unnoticed by the majority of the western Christian community. In fact, most of the money, prayers, and missionaries we send out from the U.S. are not going to reach people in these areas.  How little is going there?  Well, if you put $100 in the collection plate at church, less than one penny supports reaching FBGs. Under one cent!

Are you surprised you didn't know about this?  But how could you if no one tells you?

Now YOU know the position the unreached frontier peoples are in. How can they know about Jesus if no one in their community tells them?  And how can they be told if there is no one there who knows Him?

So now we know. What's next?

Kerusomen is determined to get the word out about this. We believe millions of Believers - people like you - will be distressed AND will want to do something about it.  If that's you, the good news is you can. These are exactly the people Kerusomen is reaching every day in India.

Prayerfully watch the "Remaining Mission Task" video below. Then join us!

How Kerusomen Gospel Ministries is Tackling the Task...

Monday, February 10, 2020

Saying "Yes" to Jesus is Risky - India Remains No. 10 on 2020 Persecution World Watch List

Bibles Burned - Christians Forced to Pray in Secret

In the last seven years the world has watched India move from number 31 to number 10 on the World Watch List (WWL). This list ranks the 50 most dangerous places to be a Christ follower and India is once again in the top 10. In 2013, India was ranked #31 with a "moderate" level of persecution. Today, it's persecution level is ranked "extreme" by Open Doors.  What changed?

The rise of the nationalist Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), cemented in the 2019 elections, is probably the biggest factor according to reputable reports. Their political message is simple: to be Indian, you must be Hindu.

In the video report below from France 24, a reporter tracks attacks in 2015 (India ranked #17 on the WWL at that time) speaking with both victims and extremists. It is definitely watch-worthy and will enlighten your understanding to better pray for our India brothers and sisters.

In another short 30 second video, Bibles are burned by extremists. Sadly, thousands of attacks like these (and even more violent ones) are perpetrated on Christians in India every year...

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