Monday, November 30, 2020

God's Heart l Bible Storytelling Scarf

Help People to Discover How Much God Loves Them

Today we're celebrating your passion to be a person "after God's own heart." His passion is for people to know how much He loves them. You've expressed your passion every time you've prayed and supported Kerusomen's mission. Thank you! God is working through you to make a life-changing difference for the hurting and hopeless. 

And there's still so much more to do. Your gift of a Bible Story Scarf is an answer to prayer for a man, woman, or pastor in India who is both passionate and trained to spread the hope of the Gospel to unreached people by using the oral art of Bible storytelling. Learn how this simple tool is making the Good News more accessible to the unreached and a safer way for believers to share His love in turbulent times.  

Saturday, November 28, 2020

How to Reach a Village l KGM Program in Punjab Grows


How Believer Training Is Accelerating Growth

Kerusomen Gospel Ministries local partner, KGM India, has trained over 2,000 believers in the Oral Art of Gospel Storytelling. For many of the unreached people groups Kerusomen serves in India, Bible storytelling is a much more natural way of transferring information to them. This Christmas, you can play an important part in spreading the Gospel to the unreached in Punjab and ... 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Giving Tuesday Match Week! l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

                                    Double Your Impact!

Your Impact Multiplied 
Matching funds is the most powerful tool you have to steward your resources and maximize your impact for God's glory. As we start the Christmas giving season, matching funds helps you make an even bigger difference.

How many lives will you transform? We can't wait to see!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Blessings l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

With deepest gratitude to our Kerusomen friends and family, have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Monday, November 23, 2020

How Has Covid-19 Affected Children in India? l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

How has Covid-19 affected children in India? Christeena is a widow who supports her two young granddaughters. The pandemic shutdown the factory she worked at in Tamil Nadu. Without that income she cannot afford to pay the girls’ school fees.

To Christeena, that’s unthinkable. Her heart breaks at the thought of them

KGM Prayer Meeting l You're Invited!

Please join us in an hour filled with prayer, praise, testimonies and updates from KGM India and KGM USA. Pastor Saha, his wife Anju, along with several Kerusomen pastors in India will be joining us on zoom.

Hear about the exciting opportunity to partner in projects that provide food and income for widows and teaches the Bible in pictures to the many diverse peoples in India.

Questions? Email us:

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

God Cares for Me! l KGM India Widow Testimony


Pandemic Prayers Answered

72-year-old Sammi is one of the widows Kerusomen partners continue to support with emergency food, water and other supplies during the pandemic.  These precious ladies raise families and make sacrifices all their lives only to be abandoned when their husbands die.  

Discover how we help abandoned widows like Sammi transform their lives and how you can make it possible for them to lift themselves out of poverty against all odds this Christmas. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Animals Make a World of Difference for Widows in India

One of our partners, Friends Needing Friends, is a widow's ministry headquartered in Florida. For six years this amazing community of women have generously supported 18 KGM widows in India. Every year FNF has also sponsored a Christmas party for these widows complete with lunch, gifts and a program. This Christmas because of Covid-19, the widows in India are experiencing their worst economic hardship in years. 

In good times these women and their children survive on as little as $1.90 a day. Now with the pandemic to contend with, the future of these families looks bleaker than ever before. The fear of disease is keeping employers unwilling to re-open; the well-to-do won't allow domestic help to enter their homes. Many of these widows are disabled. Unlike America, most Indian citizens have no government safety net to fall back on. It's even worse for widows; help from the outside is their only hope...

Saturday, November 14, 2020

From the Mission Field l Feed a Family for a Lifetime

Food for a Lifetime

Did you know India ranks number one in countries where poverty is likely to rise the most due to Covid-19? (Brookings Institution) Sending food kits worked during the lockdown, saving many lives. But India's severe economic downturn and crushing job loss could last indefinitely. We need a better, long-term, sustainable way to restore hope to thousands of struggling families.

Chickens Change Lives

Pastor Saha sent this video from the mission field where Sabin Raj, a KGM family member, shows how he raises chickens in his backyard. This has made a world of difference for him and his family: food security, extra income, and most of all a hopeful future. Like many small business owners, Sabin started small and grew his business. Today his 5 hens produce 300 eggs a month and chicks to sell at market that provide a reliable food source for his family and a steady stream of monthly income. He also raises ducks and goats.

 And it all started with a handful of chickens. 

Many of our Kerusomen pastors, widows, and daily wage laborer families are suffering from crushing job loss and rising food prices caused by the pandemic. In good times these families survive on as little as $1.90 a day.  Now with factories shuttered, construction halted, and the tourist industry decimated, the future of these families looks bleaker than ever before. The fear of disease is keeping employers unwilling to re-open; the well-to-do won't allow domestic help to enter their homes, Unlike America, Indian citizens have no government safety net to fall back on. Help from the outside is their only hope...

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Reaching the Unreached Oral Cultures in India l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

  Kerusomen's Bible Storytelling Movement 

Reaching the Unreached Oral Cultures in India

Imagine if you did not know how to read the Bible because it was not printed in your native language.  Or what if you never had the opportunity to go to school so you never learned how to read. How would you come to know the truth in God's Word?

Many people in India don't have to imagine this scenario - they are living it. 

  • India has over 19,500 mother tongue dialects. Few have Bible translations in their heart language.
  • Make no mistake, these are intelligent men, women, and children who either can't read and write or who simply prefer to learn by hearing because they have done it for generations. They comprehend and remember what they hear and they are able to wrestle with spiritual truth.  
So, how do we reach them with the Good News?  

Let's imagine that someone showed you an image representing a story from the Bible, told you that story in your own heart language, and did it in a compelling way. Just like Jesus did. Would that make a difference? 

You bet it would. Suddenly a whole new world of Truth would open up for you. Truth that could change your life...for eternity.

Kerusomen Gospel Ministries invites you to take a look at a new way you can reach the unreached in India and spread the Gospel message farther and faster than ever before...

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Restoring Hope l KGM Stands By Families Fighting Extreme Poverty

  Unlocking Opportunity for KGM Families Battling Poverty in India After the Lockdown

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen the widows and families we serve display remarkable courage and tenacity. 

We’ve also seen them face difficult choices: risk disease or poverty; resign or reach out for help.

Earlier you helped us in the lockdown emergency that left millions in India shut-in and starving. Now as the lockdown lifts, our KGM family is facing new obstacles: crushing job loss and skyrocketing food prices. Pastors, widows, and day-laborers alike have watched the life they knew and their future hopes vanish overnight.

We discussed the situation with Pastor Saha. The obvious short-term solution is to send more food relief packages.  But how long would that last? A few weeks or months at best. We wanted a more permanent plan. One that would provide income BUT require little or no training. An opportunity that even a disabled widow could manage. Even to us, that criteria seemed pretty impractical until...

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