Springs of Hope

I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys:
I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.
(Isaiah 41:18)

At Kerusomen, we believe that God is fulfilling that promise in India through Kerusomen partners. As a part of the Kerusomen family you have many options and opportunities to proclaim and live the Gospel
  • As a member of The Well, you're rescuing abandoned widows with food and medicine aid for their bodies and a loving community to restore their dignity and hope. 
  • As a member of The Fountain, you're training, equipping, and sending out pastor-missionaries who are pointing people to the One who is able, Jesus and who also manage our sustainable compassion ministries in the villages where we have planted churches.

Springs of Hope is a new year-round, sustainable compassion ministry originally birthed during the Christmas season as a response to the economic devastation caused by the pandemic. But fighting hunger and global poverty are not seasonal challenges, they impact real peoples' lives day in and day out and last generation after generation.

Dr. Sahayadas Simon and his wife Anju, founders of Kerusomen Foundation in India and our partners,  are committed to a holistic approach to Kingdom growth which means reaching out to the "whole" person.  Because we all need daily bread and the Bread of Life, they find that reaching people with the Gospel message is most effective when physical (basic necessities including medical care) and skills training needs are met first. They (and the over 100 pastor-missionaries they've trained serving in villages across India) are uniquely positioned to meet these needs with the love of Christ which often opens doors to sharing the Gospel.


Your gift of ANY amount goes directly to the mission field bringing tools and training in Jesus' name to help moms, dads, and widows lift themselves out of poverty and equip them to reach out to friends and neighbors who have never heard of Jesus. 


It doesn’t matter how much you can give. It’s all about what God can accomplish through us when we work together. Springs of Hope partners choose the sustainable compassion project God lays on their heart and the funds are pooled. Then they are sent to Kerusomen Foundation India (KFI) regularly, to replenish that particular ministry fund. Finally, KFI passes them on to native missionary-pastors who manage and distribute them to individuals in their villages.


Springs of Hope partners have helped thousands of widows, moms, dads, and children in India - and their entire communities - in the last three years with a one-time appeal during the holidays. Imagine how much more God will accomplish through you, through us, when we work together year-round in this life-giving ministry!  


Invest in Animal Farmers
For food security, nothing beats owning livestock. Goats and chickens provide families with their own supply of milk, meat, eggs and manure to fertilize their crops. As animals reproduce they also provide a new, sustainable source of income that help families lift themselves out of poverty. To learn more about each gift, click the links below.

Invest in Bible Storytellers
Illiteracy and 19,500 native dialects (many without Bible translations) are obstacles to sharing the hope of the Gospel with the lost in India. The Bible Storytelling Scarf is an evangelism tool designed for oral cultures that changes everything.

Your Hope Gift of a Bible Storytelling Scarf will be delivered to KGM India Headquarters and distributed to men, women, and pastors who have completed the Scriptures-In-Use storytelling training course. These believers are dedicated to spreading the Hope of Jesus to their illiterate, unreached friends and neighbors. To learn more about the Bible Storytelling Movement, click the link below:

Invest in Hope for Women 
ISOS is the Greek word for equality. It's also the name of our Women's Savings and Business Skills Training groups. India's rural women are second-class citizens from the day they are born until the day they die. They have no choices, simply because they are female. They receive less education, less medical care, and even less food. Ultimately, Kerusomen partners support women to stand on their own and discover God's power to help them change their own lives. Because we know that God has a plan to prosper them, a plan to give them hope and a future. All they need is a chance to discover (and the confidence to boldly use) their God-given talents. To learn how you can support the dreams of these women, click the link below:

Invest on Behalf of Someone 
Honor a loved one's memory, send birthday or anniversary wishes, thank someone for their kindness, and celebrate Christmas, Easter or any other special holiday by giving a gift - in your recipient's name - to bless underserved people in India. Your gift of any amount comes with a free Tribute Gift Card telling them the difference their gift is making for a family, a widow, a child and even an entire community. When you give someone the gift of life change, they'll be thrilled you included them in God's sustainable compassion victories in India. Click the gift card icon to browse our gift catalog.

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