Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Pandemic Prayers for Pastors in India l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Today we are celebrating our prayer partners here and in India. We love that God has given us the opportunity right now, even in the midst of a pandemic, to serve and "be the church" together as one united Kerusomen family:  In Prayer. In Generosity. In Hope.  We know that God is moving actively all over the globe in this time of need. He invites us to call on Him and He promises to draw near to us when we do.

Pastor Saha and all sixty-seven KGM pastors from six states in India are holding 2-hour conference "prayer calls" daily lifting up the needs of Kerusomen Prayer Partners here and believers in India. Pictured above are the Area Coordinators for five of the six states: Pastor Rajendram, Kerala, Pastor Pransanth, Telangana, Pastor Sajan, Punjab, Pastor Jomon, Tamil Nadu, and Pastor Reddy, Andhra Pradesh.  They believe that prayer is the most important thing any of us can do. Period. We agree. Everything begins with prayer. Extraordinary prayer. We all need to pray. We need you to pray. We need prayer warriors.

Nothing is more powerful than the body of Christ united in prayer. Thank you for protecting the most vulnerable families in India with our most powerful God-given tool: prayer.

Prayers for Real Needs in Real Time.

Believers in India are in unique circumstances during the pandemic shut-down.
  • Pray for day laborers: Most believers at KGM churches are day laborers who, unlike Americans, can expect no unemployment checks or financial rescue packages. When they don't work they don't have any income.
  • Pray for widows: Our rescued widows receive no social security payments at all - even in the best of times. 
  • Pray for provision: Food is scarce with no one to work the fields and no transportation operational to get it dispersed to the states. 
  • Pray for first responders: Trains, a major transporter, are at a standstill and its cars are being converted into temporary hospital beds. India only has one-half of a bed per 1,000 people.  
  • Pray for the lonely: Few believers in India have access to the internet that has been a lifeline to Christians in America. We can keep connected, encouraged, and receive prayer from the body of Christ as well as visit with our family. Believers in India are truly isolated.  
Pastor Saha is keeping us updated on the believers. After his conference prayer call today he reported on the spread of the virus with this good news:  "The churches are safe."  And he asked how they could pray for Kerusomen partners here in the states.   

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