The Well Widow Ministry

The Well is a passionate and committed movement
 composed of monthly givers on a mission to rescue 
orphaned widows and their children in India.


KGM Volunteer Board Members cover all operating costs so 100% of EVERY gift you invest in through Kerusomen goes directly to families in rural India. Every penny of your generous giving produces impact and changed lives. Whether you give once or partner regularly with us through our Well Community, we want you to have peace of mind about your stewardship.  

Named for The Woman at the Well, an outcast whose life was completely transformed after meeting Jesus, the Well is an amazing community of generous people who see a need and refuse to sit on the sidelines.

Why champion widows?
The Well focuses on widows who are orphaned. Orphaned means they have no family to help them or their family refuses to help them. This is often the case in India where widows of the Hindu culture are blamed for their husband's death. They are literally outcasts in society, shunned and banned from all social interaction. Their suicide rate is very high.

Did You Know These Heartbreaking Facts?
  • Widows can own no property, are limited in the food they can eat, receive little or no medical care, and are frequently abused or even killed by their families who consider them a burden.
  • More than four out of five widows are illiterate, impacting their earning ability as well as the education and health of their children.
  • The dropout rate from school after a father's death is extremely high among the children of widows and many daughters of widows find themselves married young, endangering their lives if they are not physically ready for childbirth.
  • The 2010 national census showed that more than two-thirds of Indian widows were between the ages of 20 and 35 years of age and responsible for three to four children.
  • There are more than twice as many orphaned widows as there are orphaned children in India (20 million / 43 million). 
Widows orphaned in India are among the most vulnerable people on earth today. They are also the most invisible. Try googling "advocacy groups for orphaned children in India." There are a plethora of rescue, adoption, orphanages, education and many more groups fighting on their behalf. Then do the same for orphaned widows. The results are shocking. You can count them on one hand.


Your gift of ANY amount goes directly to the mission field bringing food, medicine, and other necessities (depending on individual needs) in Jesus' name to help widows who have no family alive or willing to care for them. Any abandoned widow - no matter their religion - is eligible for our widow rescue ministry. KGM has women of all faiths including Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian. Widow rescue is one of the many ways Kerusomen pastor-missionaries share the love of Jesus in both practical and life-giving ways. We believe widow rescue is an essential part of our mission to end the Gospel Crisis in India.


S15 supplies one month of food and medicine. But it doesn’t matter how much you can give. It’s all about what God can accomplish through us when we work together. KGM Well partners choose to give according to what God lays on their heart and the funds are pooled. Then they are sent to Kerusomen Foundation India (KFI) regularly, to replenish that particular ministry fund. Finally, KFI passes them on to native missionary-pastors who manage and distribute them to wdows in their villages.


KGM India, our partners have helped hundreds of widows over the years. KGM USA is currently providing monthly support for 60 widows. Due to age and poor health conditions, some widows will always need this support. Many others however move beyond the "rescue" stage. Those women are introduced to KGM's Women's Ministry income producing opportunities so they can achieve their dreams of restored dignity, self-support, and a better future for their children. In these cases, once they get back on their feet, they relinquish the monthly support so another widow can be rescued. Read a few of these amazing womenwidows, and moms with children stories.  


You're teaming up with like-minded people; people who know they can't do everything but must do something. Meet some of our partners - they are smart, incredibly creative, and absolutely relentless about making a difference. You'll fit right in! 

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