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KGM was founded in 2007 by Rev. Sahaydas Simon and Anju Sahayadas in Trivandrum, India with 3 workers and one church. 

Currently, Kerusomen has 67 full time workers of God, making and mobilizing disciples of Christ, in six different states of India. The map above shows the locations we serve.

Today, KGM has grown to over 2,500 Believers with more than 53 unique people groups who fellowship at 65 KGM churches and house churches. 

 At the bottom of this page there are links to articles on each area of operation. But, first, here's a peek at the Kerusomen church planting team's training and responsibilities. 

The Leadership

Led by Pastors Saha and Anju Simon, the training ensures that future KGM churches are planted and led by Believers well equipped to faithfully preach the Word of God with the heart of God, creating strong and sustainable churches and movements in India. 

Pastor Sahayadas Simon achieved two Masters Degrees, one in Divinity and the other in New Testament Theology at Hindustan Bible Institute. He is currently pursuing his PhD in New Testament Studies at Martin Luther Christian University.  He also serves as the Academic Dean to Trivandrum Bible College, an inter-denominational institution, where he recruits committed believers for the KGM ministry. 

Pastor Anju Sahayadas studied at the same schools as Pastor Saha where they met. After she achieved her Bachelor of Theology Degree, she was appointed Dean of Women at Grace Bible College. She went on to earn a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology in Missions. 

Kerusomen's Church Planting Team

  • Kerusomen Pastors are, in essence, national missionaries who share the love of Jesus, disciple new believers, and help train others to lead and do the same.  Pastor training is a 12 course syllabus, relevant for both spiritual and church growth. Course materials used are a combination of Leecy Barnett's book,  'Everything New'Timothy Initiative of Florida (view video below), and Kerusomen Foundation's library resources. Continuing education includes regular area, regional and statewide conference gatherings for teaching, accountability, worship and prayer.  Pastor Saha puts it this way: 'We preach Christ the crucified". 

  • Kerusomen Area Coordinators are pastors who coordinate church plantings in their region, orchestrate church projects such as evangelism and discipleship initiatives, pastor training, and widows care.   Their many responsibilities include directing communications from KGM headquarters to the local pastors of village churches as well as mentoring and training pastors in spiritual and leadership growth. AC's also advise, give guidance, and help village pastors with the day to day challenges they face including legal, administrative and other matters.
Field Staff  provide practical education to women in the villages and rural areas such as classes in health and hygiene.  They also conduct self-help groups to enhance financial stability and empower local women to launch a small business enterprise. These initiatives are very successful in growing the body of Christ, as well. By showing the love of Christ through service in these tangible ways, relationships are formed and opportunities to share the Gospel arise naturally and frequently. Field staff are supervised by Anju Sahaydas Simon, co-founder of Kerusomen Foundation.
  • Office Staff handle all administrative tasks of Kerusomen Foundation including accounting, reporting, printing church and training materials, and directing communications to and from all the churches. They also collect prayer requests and pray for the needs of all the churches. 
  • Special Outreach:  Vacation Bible School takes place every year at all church locations and

    Kerusomen Vacation Bible School Parade
    English classes are offered at some locations. English classes have two age groups 6-14 and 15-20. Along with English Grammar books, students learn grammatical construction using Bible stories and examples with moral values. The English lessons are 3 hours a week, year round. Parents of all religious backgrounds want their children to learn English. Both of these successful programs are focused on serving first and building relationships that lead to opportunities to share Jesus.
Soon Kerusomen plans to expand its outreach to plant churches in additional India states targeting the least reached people groups and sharing God's love. Your prayers strengthen, sustain, uplift and encourage these servants of the Lord Jesus in India, who are our family.  If you haven't already, please join our prayer team:

To "visit" each state and experience the rich culture and history of our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ and learn more about our churches in each area, click the picture links below.

The articles on Punjab, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh/Telangana are active. Thereafter, we will add articles until we cover all of the KGM locations so keep checking back or contact us and we will notify you when a new piece is published.  

Andhra Pradesh 503 People Groups / 463 Unreached  / 91.8 % Unreached

490 People Groups /467 Unreached / Percent Unreached 95.3% 
428 People Groups /377 Unreached / Percent Unreached 88%


None of This Happens Without YOU!

Your generous contributions of time, talent, and treasure inspire us. Your gifts, your prayers and your volunteer service are the tools that God uses to bring about His marvelous works of grace in India through Kerusomen. 

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