Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A Heart for the Helpless in India l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Kathlein Ambridge, a volunteer board member and long-time Kerusomen partner, jumped into action and created this video to alert you to the tragic and dangerous realities on the ground in India caused by the coronavirus lockdown. In it, she also explains how God has provided us with a way to help them.

The coronavirus has affected us all. We are isolated socially. Some of us have reduced income. Many have no income at all. We see people separated and in masks, long lines, and empty store shelves. We here at Kerusomen are continually praying for you and your family that hopefully, recovery will begin soon.

As we watch the news and anticipate a lifting of restrictions, our church family and the communities they serve in India have suffered a devastating setback:  the government has extended their lockdown for 3 more weeks, at least.

Now it’s difficult to know which is the greater threat to life in India: The virus or starvation.  

When the initial lockdown happened on March 24, families were given just four hours to prepare. Over a billion people scrambled to their homes before transportation was shut down. Day laborers, who work today for tomorrow’s food, were unable to stock their kitchens for the three week siege. By day two of the lockdown, they had no money to replenish their food.  Pastor Saha said on a recent zoom call that 99% of KGM believers are day laborers.

 KGM Pastors Race to Find & Deliver Food to Starving Families

In the face of this crisis, our church pastors did not hesitate.  They began immediately to call friends, relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances in India to ask for help funding food relief for the poorest in their communities. Despite tight lockdown restrictions, these believers have risked everything (including arrest) to leave their homes and take food to their starving neighbors and the homeless who live in slum areas where they serve. And they have done an amazing job of finding, purchasing, and delivering food to the poor and vulnerable in their communities.  Until now.

The lockdown extension has changed everything.  The KGM pastors have run out of funds locally to make food deliveries for another three weeks without help.

An $8 gift will feed one person for four weeks – enough to survive the lockdown.  Please consider joining us in this dark hour to show compassion and bring hope to those who so desperately need it. 

Thank you.

Coronavirus Facts: A Humanitarian Crisis in India

Hundreds of millions of people in India who are part of the “informal economy” – laborers who live hand to mouth each day. Millions are also migrants, stranded far from home. 

  • At least 90% of India’s workforce is employed in the informal sector, according to the International Labour Organization, working in roles like security guards, cleaners, rickshaw pullers, streets vendors, garbage collectors and domestic helps. 
  • Most do not have access to pensions, sick leave, paid leave or any kind of insurance. 
  • Many do not have bank accounts, relying on cash to meet their daily needs.
With the entire nation of India sheltering in place and unable to work, families that live hand-to-mouth have nothing to eat.
  • 365 million Indians are “multidimensionally poor” – living below poverty levels. 
  • Almost 200 million Indians are malnourished, including 40% of Indian children. 
  • With limited to no access to a daily income now, many Indians won’t be able to afford food, even if it is available for purchase.
These are the people at the heart of our church planting efforts.

  • Currently the daily wage laborers, people who make up the majority of our KGM church families, have no money. 
  • They rely on the ability to work daily, selling goods or services and make just enough each day and aren’t ever able to save. 
  • Now that India is on lockdown, there is no way for them to survive without help.
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many people around the world are asking: "Where does our help come from?"  Let's join together to be the answer to their prayers for the glory of God.

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