Tuesday, March 8, 2022

You won’t find any women pastors more dedicated to uplifting the lives of women than Pastor Kathy Caprio and Pastor Anju Simon. These two Kerusomen leaders work together (5,000 miles apart!) creating and conducting KGM women’s practical and spiritual training for women here and in India. Filled to overflowing with love for their Lord, they eagerly pour out that love to the ladies He’s called them to serve.

Kathy serves as pastor to Friends Needing Friends Widow Ministry, a KGM local impact partner. She also serves as a KGM USA Volunteer Board Member who works tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of this ministry brings praise and glory to God alone. Pastor Anju Simon leads a KGM Bible Church in Kerala, India and is Director of KGM India Women’s Ministries.  

On International Women’s Day we’d love to send Pastors Kathy and Anju an inbox full of kind and encouraging messages. Visit this post on Facebook and leave a comment for them.  We’ll forward them all together into one big, collective "hug of thanks" to these inspiring pastors!

Honoring Women Pastors on International Women's Day


This International Women’s Day Kerusomen is highlighting its incredible women pastors in India and taking action by investing in their lives and ministries. These native missionaries serve in areas where culture and tradition have held women to be inferior for centuries. They show up every day for women and girls - year-round - to #breakthebias against and heal the heartache of India’s women with the transforming love and hope of Jesus Christ.

From prayer and counselling to meeting practical needs like vocational training, animal rearing, and savings groups, KGM’s Women’s Ministries led by KGM Pastors, are always working to empower India’s women. And KGM USA partners are standing with them by getting involved in our PRAY-PARTNER-PROCLAIM Community.

This International Women’s Day is a perfect time to join us by:

passionately for a pastor;

financially with them monthly, as God leads; and

God’s amazing works through them to everyone you know for His glory.

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