Saturday, August 24, 2019

How God is Moving In Kerala, India / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

 KGM Growing Strong in the Lord  

Update from Pastor Saha on the ministry challenges and progress in Kerala.

Kerala, located on the Southwest coast of India, is the home state of Kerusomen Gospel Ministries. This is where Sahayadas (Saha) Simon and his wife Anju planted their first church and formally launched their ministry in 2007.

It is the most densely populated state in India with 1,300 people per square mile[1]To put that in perspective, there are nearly 100 more people per square mile in Kerala than there are in America’s most densely populated state, New Jersey. Kerala is just twice the size of New Jersey.

Since the state of Kerala is the hub of the KGM ministry in India, its people, their history, and its current political and religious climate play an important role in the ministry's outreach...

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Christian Widows Movement Serves Jesus at Home and Abroad

Friends Needing Friends: Turning Tragedy into Hope for India Widows

Dorothy Ackerman is a champion for widows. When Dotti lost her husband in 1986, she was discouraged to discover that there were no growth groups for widows - anywhere. Not even at church. Out of her tragedy, in 1988, Friends Needing Friends was born. 

At first, Friends Needing Friends was a small group of 10 women, bonded by their desire to love, support, and encourage one another during this new phase of life called widowhood. Thirty-one years later, their message of God's special love for widows circles the globe, impacting the lives of over 50,000 widows in 20 different countries through its FNF blog. God also uses this sisterhood in a very tangible way to bring His message of hope to widows in India...

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mission Impossible? Reaching the Unreached in India / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

460,000 Villages in India Have No Known Christian Presence

With all our technology, wealth and passion for the lost, there are still millions of people who don't know a single Christian who can share with them the Good News of Jesus.

But all of our freedom and easy access to information makes it hard for us to imagine that millions of people born in India, will live their lives and die, never knowing anything about Jesus. Not because they don't care.  But because they don't have a choice. Nobody ever told them. They have minimal, if any, Christians or Christian resources in their villages. These 1.3 billion Indians will never hear about Jesus, even if they want to. Unless something changes.

But What About Global Missions?

Won't they reach these people? Take a peek at the must-see video above. As you watch, keep in mind this sobering fact: 22,500 people in India will die today, most of them never... 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Hungry Children of NW Haiti - Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

The Gift of Hope - Wrapped in a Hot Lunch

More Than a Meal for Children in Northwest Haiti

Almost all of us have experienced a tornado, or hurricane, or fire or something that has created a desperate situation. Living without our normal comforts - electricity, clean water, fresh food - even for a short time, is miserable. Sadly, the people in Northwest Haiti live in that desperation every day of their lives. 

Kerusomen Gospel Ministries partners with Living Water Ministries of the Palm Beaches in their outstanding School Lunch Program for Children living in Northwest Haiti. Poor diet is one of the major health problems in this region. Currently, LWM, with its partners, provides a hot, cooked meal each day at school to 4,500 students in 30 different schools. 

Take a trip to a remote village in Northwest Haiti with Sherissa, a volunteer for Living Water Ministry. In the film you will see a school being built, experience the excitement of the children and villagers, hear the dreams of a native pastor, and get a glimpse of what the love of Christ can do through you - with the gift of a hot lunch.    

Note: The video sound is set on off. Press the play arrow and turn on the sound.

$10 feeds 100 children lunch today!  Discover how...

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Haiti Missionaries Lives Spared / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

 Kerusomen Gospel Ministries is blessed to partner with
Living Water Ministries  in it's
 Haiti School Lunch Program
'I Thought We Were Going to  Die':
 U.S. Missionaries Ambushed, 
Saved by Mysterious Man on Motorcycle Headline 5/29/2019

On a recent Haiti mission trip, Doug Burbella, the Living Water Ministry's Medical Director, was shot and critically injured when Gang members fired a barrage of bullets into the ministry vehicle. To his horrified team members, it appeared the worst was yet to come... 

Then 'something extraordinary happened' reports CBN 

 Watch CBN's amazing video to learn how Doug's life was spared and none of the other team members were injured, by the grace of God through a mysterious man on a motorcycle.  We pray it will encourage you in your faith walk.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

New Punjabi Pastor Training in Kerala, India / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

"Thirsty to Learn": Five New Punjabi Pastors Travel 2,077 Miles for KGM Training

The 3rd Kerusomen Gospel Ministries Intensive Church Planters Training took place in Kerala, India from June 15-July 3, 2019. 

It took 4 days and 3 nights of travel by train for 5 new church planters from Punjab to arrive in Kerala for the KGM church planters schooling. In an update from Pastor Saha, he reports "The training is going very well. They are thirsty to learn." The students began training each day at 8 a.m.; their last class of the day ended at 9 p.m. Intensive training of pastors is a hallmark of the KGM church planting movement...

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Making the Most of Your Passion for Christ / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries Celebrates 5 Years

Our Goal at KGM: Making the Most of Your Passion for Christ. How we do it...

KGM Semi-Annual Newsletter Edition
Click Here to View the Entire Issue

July, 2019 marked Kerusomen Gospel Ministries 5th Anniversary.  Looking back, we have many milestones to celebrate...

But only one that counts for eternity: bringing lost souls home to the Father.

C.H. Spurgeon put it this way:

"If you are eager for real joy...I am persuaded that no joy of growing wealthy, no joy of influence over other creatures, no joy of any other sort, can ever be compared with the rapture of saving a soul from death."
Yes, fulfilling the mission Jesus entrusted to each one of us is the source of our joy at KGM.  That's why our passion is to serve you by helping you make the most of YOUR passion for Christ.  We do this three ways...

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