Monday, May 6, 2019

Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request

This year India moved up into the top 10 on the World Watch list for Christian persecution. 
Pastor Saha has been holding church services and conducting all Kerusomen India operations from his home, a residential zone in Kerala.  Over time, his non-Christian neighbors have become more and more aggressive in their efforts to stop him. Because this is a residential area, Pastor Saha has had to proceed carefully but God has blessed his ministry with tremendous growth, despite this growing persecution...

Saturday, May 4, 2019

India Widows "Condemned to Live"

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your spouse died?

Ranjana Kumari, Director Center for Social Research, India
For those of you who aren't married, think of your parents and use your imagination.

In my case, on top of losing the man that I love, I know my life would be inevitably changed in multiple ways. And more than that, I imagine being a widow is like, well, losing a part of your identity and getting a new one you never, ever wanted.

BUT, I know my Savior lives and I know He loves widows so I am at peace, knowing He will be by my side all the way home.

But what if I didn't know Jesus?  What if I grew up in a culture where everyone I care about believed my being a widow was all my fault.

Worse, what if I believed that, too?

This video news report depicts how this devastating belief impacts the lives of millions of Indian women who are widows.

This video contains excerpts from a 25 minute news report. Widows of Vrindavan
In the video, Ranjana Kumari, pictured above, made a haunting statement about the life of widows in India:  "Their life unfolds before them as if they are not a person, but just a kind of living being, condemned to live."

How Can We Change This Hopeless Mindset?  

Because widows in India find little and often no help from their Hindu religion,their culture, or their family, imagine how they respond when they meet Jesus....

Saturday, April 27, 2019

How KGM Reaches the "Unreached" People Groups (UPG's)

Do You Want to Reach the Unreached for Jesus?

Most of us are not called to overseas missions. And that's ok. 

If we're not called 'to go' we gladly support 'those who are' through the missions program at our local church. 

But did you know that less than 3% of our missionary efforts are actually working with "unreached people groups" or UPG's?

Do you know where in the world the money for missions is being directed? This short video is an eye opener for every believer who has a passion for reaching the lost and a desire to steward their resources wisely toward that effort.  Take 5 minutes to check it out.

State of the World / The Task Remaining from Global Frontier Missions on Vimeo.

If that video stirred something in you, the rest of this post will give you new insight that could very well transform your understanding of  Jesus command to disciple all nations. Then you will be empowered with the resources you need to find and engage unreached people and fulfill your 'personal commission' for Christ...

Monday, April 22, 2019

2019 Vacation Bible School / India / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Kerusomen Kids Zone VBS is a Huge Success

"We Are Not Tired!" says Kerusomen Foundation founder, Sahayadas Simon as he explains that sometimes Christian kids in India face humiliation, mockery, and discouragement for inviting the neighbor kids to VBS.

Check out this Video Interview with VBS Department.  

85 Kids Attended VBS in the State of Kerala Alone.  
And VBS is held in all the Kerusomen founded churches throughout 6 different States in  India... 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Update on Kerusomen Pastor Training in Punjab

Punjabis Open to the Good News of Jesus Christ

Kerusomen Gospel Ministries Trains 5 New Pastors For Punjab Mission Field

Kerusomen Ministries Pastors in Punjab
Pastor Saha (short for Sahayadas), founder of Kerusomen India, works to plant churches among the least reached people groups in areas that have few, if any, evangelical initiatives.  He reports the following:
" Earlier we had one worker in Punjab, but the church growth is great, so right now we have five full time ministers, trained by Kerusomen Foundation, working in Punjab. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

India in Top 10 of 2019 World Watch List

India Cracks Top 10 - Why the Country Has 'No Room' for Christians



2019 World Watch List: India from Open Doors USA on Vimeo.

What’s happening to Christians in the world's second most populous country and why...

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Kerusomen's Gospel Ministries India Pastors Program

Kerusomen's Pastors Program in India is Growing...Fast. 

Kerusomen is committed to partnering with indigenous Christian Ministers in their countries of origin by assisting them to make disciples while serving the helpless, poor, and needy in their communities.

God is blessing this commitment...
above and beyond anything we could imagine.
For example, in 2015 in the state of Punjab, India, two new churches were planted...

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