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Three billion people worldwide don't have access to a church or even a Christ follower. Join our mission to change that.

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Two Ways to Join Kerusomen in Prayer

Pray with Knowledge

Please use and share the articles on this site as a way to pray with knowledge for  Believers in India, Haiti, and of course, the United States.  We are privileged to engage with them in the joys and challenges they face. 

Take the Next Step, Join Our Prayer Team and Pray with Real Time Specifics While praying with knowlege is powerful, praying with specific knowledge is powerful AND personal. Team members receive a list via email of specific requests from the believers we support globally so, from time to time, you can lift them up to the Lord Jesus in "real time" specifics. As a member you will be able to engage with them in a fresh, new way as you:

  • Petition with them in specific requests and needs
  • Celebrate their victories in the Lord as they happen
  • Share their burdens immediately
  • Connect, strengthen, encourage and comfort them through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Give thanks and praise to God for specific answers to prayers that He may be glorified as we rejoice in His victories. 
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