Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Haiti Missionaries Lives Spared / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

 Kerusomen Gospel Ministries is blessed to partner with
Living Water Ministries  in it's
 Haiti School Lunch Program
'I Thought We Were Going to  Die':
 U.S. Missionaries Ambushed, 
Saved by Mysterious Man on Motorcycle Headline 5/29/2019

On a recent Haiti mission trip, Doug Burbella, the Living Water Ministry's Medical Director, was shot and critically injured when Gang members fired a barrage of bullets into the ministry vehicle. To his horrified team members, it appeared the worst was yet to come... 

Then 'something extraordinary happened' reports CBN 

 Watch CBN's amazing video to learn how Doug's life was spared and none of the other team members were injured, by the grace of God through a mysterious man on a motorcycle.  We pray it will encourage you in your faith walk.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

New Punjabi Pastor Training in Kerala, India / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

"Thirsty to Learn": Five New Punjabi Pastors Travel 2,077 Miles for KGM Training

The 3rd Kerusomen Gospel Ministries Intensive Church Planters Training took place in Kerala, India from June 15-July 3, 2019. 

It took 4 days and 3 nights of travel by train for 5 new church planters from Punjab to arrive in Kerala for the KGM church planters schooling. In an update from Pastor Saha, he reports "The training is going very well. They are thirsty to learn." The students began training each day at 8 a.m.; their last class of the day ended at 9 p.m. Intensive training of pastors is a hallmark of the KGM church planting movement...

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Making the Most of Your Passion for Christ / Kerusomen Gospel Ministries Celebrates 5 Years

Our Goal at KGM: Making the Most of Your Passion for Christ. How we do it...

KGM Semi-Annual Newsletter Edition
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July, 2019 marked Kerusomen Gospel Ministries 5th Anniversary.  Looking back, we have many milestones to celebrate...

But only one that counts for eternity: bringing lost souls home to the Father.

C.H. Spurgeon put it this way:

"If you are eager for real joy...I am persuaded that no joy of growing wealthy, no joy of influence over other creatures, no joy of any other sort, can ever be compared with the rapture of saving a soul from death."
Yes, fulfilling the mission Jesus entrusted to each one of us is the source of our joy at KGM.  That's why our passion is to serve you by helping you make the most of YOUR passion for Christ.  We do this three ways...

Encouragement for Today: India Missions Pioneer "Plodder" William Carey

Read More on India Missionary William Carey at Christianity Today 

"This is from the Encouraging Word daily devotional. As it mentioned going to India as a missionary, I thought I would share. God bless us every one!" Maureen Barber, KGM Board Member


“Dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable.”
1Cor. 15:58 NLT 

When William Carey first began considering the possibility of going to India as a pioneer missionary, his father pointed out that he possessed no academic qualifications for the job. Carey answered, “I can plod.” And he did. 

When he went to India this was his typical day... 

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