Saturday, December 11, 2021

How Can They Hear Unless Someone Tells Them?


...How can they hear unless someone tells them? 
Romans 10:14

Meet Michael and Monique, KGM partners who are sharing God’s mighty works among India’s illiterate with their friends and family using the Bible Story Scarf. Michael and Monique know that when a village in India gets access to the Gospel, Biblical values transform people, families, and entire communities. Husbands love their wives, wives respect their husbands, children honor their parents, and families serve their communities through their church. 

The Bible Story Scarf makes it possible for villages with no Bible translation in their native language and for the illiterate to experience this transformation. We’re grateful for partners like Michael and Monique who are spreading the word about the Bible Story Scarf to help KGM equip100 more trained storytellers in India before the New Year and reach our Year-End goal. Equip a story teller in India now: 

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