Telling the Story l How Kerusomen Reaches the Illiterate

How do we reach them with the Good News?
  • India has over 19,500 mother tongue dialects. Few have Bible translations in their heart language.
  • India is home to 313 million illiterate people; 59% are women. 
  • Make no mistake, these are intelligent men, women, and children who either can't read and write or who simply prefer to learn by hearing because they have done it for generations. They comprehend and remember what they hear and they are able to wrestle with spiritual truth.
Kerusomen Gospel Ministries invites you 
to take a look at a new way you can help reach 
India's illiterate and oral cultures. 

Why the THE BIBLE STORY SCARF TOOL is spreading
 the Gospel further and faster than ever before:
  • It's strategic. This tool is designed to make telling the Gospel story easy. Its eye-catching, 42 vividly colored picture squares, illustrate the entire Bible from Creation to Christ accurately, enabling trained storytellers to either wear it or carry it with them everywhere they go .
  • It's accurate. The scarf comes with scripture references that correspond to each of the squares on the cloth. Training is free; easy-to-memorize, 4-6 minute story scripts are taught including questions that help the storyteller generate feedback and teach Biblical truths to their audience. Training materials, developed by the Scriptures-in-Use organization, are included with each scarf, ensuring the Gospel message is passed on with biblical accuracy. 
  • It's safer. "Persecution is increasing... When people do open air preaching or use tracts they can face persecution. Even carrying or giving out Christian materials can get people arrested. When we tell stories, no one can say anything. I tell you that storytelling is the best and safest way for reaching our country. One day storytelling will be the only way for the church to sustain and multiply here.” Field Stories, Scriptures-In-Use
  • It's effective.  Bible stories that are shared orally in the listener's native language are easily remembered and the Bible truth is planted deep in their hearts. Soon these transformed men and women share these stories with others. 
  • It's duplicatable. With the help of local translation efforts and a dedication to word for word Biblical accuracy, believers are proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in a way that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, empowering organic Gospel movements to spread in their own communities.


KGM India founders, Dr. Simon and Anju Sahayadas, have been leaders in this work for over a decade. They've trained over 2,000 disciples in the oral arts of sharing the Gospel using the materials and training from Scriptures-in-Use. KGM churches are thriving on this 1st Century discipling and church planting model where people gather in homes, or work fields, or village markets to tell Gospel stories, just like Jesus and His disciples did.

Many KGM believers and leaders are already trained in the Bible storytelling method but don't have a Bible Story Scarf Tool. Others are waiting both to be trained and to receive this incredible tool upon graduation.

You can play an important part in spreading the Gospel to the unreached in India by sending the gift of a Bible Story Scarf for just $15. (Your gift includes shipping to India and training for one storyteller.)

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