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Founded by Sahayadas Simon, KGM Foundation plants churches in India's tribal villages that mainstream ministries do NOT serve. Saha's personal passion is to motivate, exhort and train fellow indigenous leaders to serve God in their own culture and language. He firmly believes that even for those born in extreme poverty with little education, indigenous leaders are still the most effective way to communicate Gospel truths and life-styles to their peoples. They know best their unique local challenges, languages, and vocational needs, Humble servants of all, their changed lives demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit.

Led by Pastors Saha and Anju Simon, the Kerusomen Foundation in India focuses on Christ-centered growth. Its emphasis on pastor and leadership training ensures that future KGM churches are planted and led by Believers well equipped to faithfully preach the Word of God with the heart of God, creating strong and sustainable churches and movements in India.

Sahayadas Simon, KGM Founder
Pastor Sahayadas Simon achieved his PhD in New Testament Studies at Martin Luther Christian University. He also has two Masters Degrees, one in Divinity and the other in New Testament Theology at Hindustan Bible Institute. He serves as the Academic Dean to Trivandrum Bible College, an inter-denominational institution, where he recruits committed believers for the KGM ministry.

Anju Sahayadas,
KGM Founder

Pastor Anju Sahayadas studied at the same schools as Pastor Saha where they met. After she achieved her Bachelor of Theology Degree, she was appointed Dean of Women at Grace Bible College. She went on to earn a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology in Missions.

Our goal is to train India's youth with the knowledge and skills to empower others for spiritual and social development by proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed.  May they will lead the way to win the lost, plant churches and disciple new believers, reproducing themselves throughout our culture.

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