Invest in Backyard Farmers

Kerusomen Gospel Ministries supports people to stand on their own and discover God's power to help them change their own lives. We call this sustainable compassion. The people we serve in rural India have God-given talents to provide for their families but most don't have the financial resources to get started.   

Owning animals in rural India is the key to food and income security. They provide families with their own source of nutrition, manure for vegetable gardens, and a small business, as well. 

$100 gifts one female goat
Goats provide milk and healthy, nutrient rich milk products such as cheese plus manure to enrich soil for vegetable gardens.

“First Kid"
is a pay-it-forward program where your goat recipient breeds their animal and its first kid is returned to Kerusomen to give to another family in need.  In turn, that family will donate their first female kid to KGM and so on and so on.

When you invest in a single goat for a hardworking family, you can kick-start change for generations in that community.

$25 gifts five chickens
With their daily supply of fresh eggs, chickens provide a steady supply of healthy protein and fat, plus the income generated from selling chicks and eggs. They are fast multiplying, easy to care for, and don't require a lot of space, making them the perfect backyard animals for widows and families. Chicken recipients are also required to participate in the pay-it-forward ministry so as their flock multiplies, hens are given to help friends and neighbors.

When you give goats and chickens in Jesus’ name, the message of God’s love flows through the villages with the animals you send. As the animal products are consumed and sold – as their offspring are shared – you help crush poverty and malnutrition, alleviate child marriages, restore dignity, and proclaim God’s name.

The pandemic plunged millions more families and widows into extreme poverty ($1.90/day). India was one of the hardest hit countries. Together, with God's help, we can make a huge difference.

No gift is too small to make a big impact.
Whatever you give, 100% will go to the mission field.

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