ISOS Women's Ministry

Two inspiring women, Anju and Stelin, lead Kerusomen's transformation class, Isos India. Together they are quietly and steadily working, with the love of Christ, to help women thrive in a culture that favors males over females.

In the Hindu culture, women are devalued. Consequently, their health is negatively impacted early in life.

Malnutrition is at crisis levels in India and the country has the highest rates of malnourished females in the developing world.

To make matters worse, women don't have access to adequate healthcare, either. Most women in India don't even have access to clean hygiene for menstrual care.

On top of that, cultural taboos and beliefs that menstruation is "unclean" have had devastating consequences.  23 million women in India become school drop-outs every year when they start their menstrual cycle. But that's not all. For young girls, schooling takes second place to helping with household chores and taking care of siblings. 27% of India's girls become child brides.

All of these factors diminish their ability to achieve full, productive, and financially secure lives.

Isos focuses on: 
Practical Skills
Community &
for Wholistic Transformation

It's no accident that Isos starts with a church because nobody loves women more than Jesus.

And no BODY but His Church, demonstrates that love better. That's why Isos is offered in villages in India where Kerusomen Gospel Ministries has planted a church.

Each meeting opens with bible study and prayers. Teachings that show the value of women in God's eyes (and His love for them) lay a firm foundation for lasting transformation.

Health and nutritional training is also given to jump start a brighter future for the women and their children.

Across India there are longstanding  cultural expectations that married women should not work. Housework and taking care of the children and elderly should be their priorities.

Like most women in India, Daisy did as was expected of females in her culture. She married young and became a mother. Having spent her life doing domestic chores and childcare, she was totally unprepared and unqualified for a job.

But ISOS changed everything.
Classes in banking, farming, sewing and other trade skills give women, like Daisy, the life-changing tools and confidence they need to succeed.

The Isos India community also provides encouragement and accountability.

To qualify for Isos Classes each woman makes an initial investment in herself by depositing $25 into a bank account that the Kerusomen Gospel Ministries Charitable Foundation helps them manage.

Every week thereafter they commit to saving $1 more (which is deposited at the weekly Isos class.)

The class teaches them basic accounting and savings principles so they keep track of their balance and interest. And rejoice with each other as it grows!

Anju, the KGM Director of Women's Ministries

Kerusomen's Director of Women's Ministries, Anju Sahayadas, explained to us that many more women are waiting and saving to join Isos. For most women, the $1 a week is tough, but doable. But to save the $25 initial investment will take them over six months.

We would like to change that.

$25 Scholarships 

These women are strong, tenacious, intelligent and motivated women who are working hard to make a better life for themselves and their children.

With all the odds stacked against them, they are succeeding. 
But the gift of a $25 scholarship can help them beat those odds even faster.

We know that when equipped with the simple tools of discipleship, training, and savings  the future for women like Leela, Daisy, Rani, and Asha is transformed. You can be a part of that change.

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