Gifts of Hope Certificate Sample

Upon receiving notification from Paypal (or when we receive your check) we will email you a Gift Certificate with the appropriate picture reflecting your gift choice and the quantity of animals you have gifted. Complete the Certificate name fields and email to your recipient or print the Certificate and deliver it personally.

Choose Compassion

Pick a gift in honor of your loved ones. 

The Compassion Gift you select will be delivered to KGM India Pastors to distribute to those who are struggling the most in their church family. To learn more about each gift, click the link below.

Choose Hope

Your Hope Gift of a Bible Storytelling Scarf will be delivered to KGM India Headquarters to distribute to men, women, and pastors who have completed the Scriptures-In-Use storytelling training course. These believers are dedicated to spreading the Hope of Jesus to their unreached friends and neighbors. To learn more about the Bible Storytelling Movement, click the link below:

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