Gifts of Hope l Kerusomen's Compassion Ministry

Honor Your Loved Ones: Give HOPE Cards

In Kerusomen’s Gifts of Hope Ministry, we’ve compiled some of the items India's families use to break the chains of generational poverty, serve their communities, and spread the love of Jesus. Our native pastors find inventive, hard-working men and women committed to providing for their families and serving their villages through meaningful work and sharing the Gospel. We stand with these native missionaries by providing complementary gifts that empower beneficiaries and enable them to succeed. A simple way to participate is by giving HOPE Gift cards.

Here’s how it works: 

1. Choose items to purchase or give an amount of your own choosing.

2. Send your loved ones a card to tell them about your gift in their honor. 

3. Through your generosity, lives are transformed now and hope is offered that will change eternal destinies for many.

What Are My Choices?

Choose Compassion: Invest in Animal Farmers

For food security, nothing beats owning livestock. Goats and chickens provide families with their own supply of milk, meat, eggs and manure to fertilize their crops. As animals reproduce they also provide a new, sustainable source of income that can lift the family out of poverty. To learn more about each gift, click the link below.

Choose Hope: Invest in At-Risk Women

In India's culture, all things are NOT created equal, especially females. Being born a girl means a life of desperate struggle from childhood to widowhood simply because girls are considered less valuable. They get less food, less schooling, and less medical attention. Kerusomen stands with the women of India offering savings opportunities, practical skills training, an encouraging community, and Biblical teaching. To learn more about ISOS Transformation Groups click the link below: 


Invest in Bible Storytellers

Illiteracy and 19,500 native dialects (many without Bible translations) are obstacles to sharing the hope of the Gospel with the lost in India. The Bible Storytelling Scarf is an evangelism tool designed for oral cultures that changes everything. 

Your Hope Gift of a Bible Storytelling Scarf will be delivered to KGM India Headquarters and distributed to men, women, and pastors who have completed the Scriptures-In-Use storytelling training course. These believers are dedicated to spreading the Hope of Jesus to their illiterate, unreached friends and neighbors. To learn more about the Bible Storytelling Movement, click the link below:

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