Wednesday, March 8, 2023



You inspired your friends to join you and participate in Kerusomen’s Women’s Ministries. Because you did, last year you enabled us to invest 42% MORE in these powerful programs that rescue widows and give India’s women savings and earning opportunities. When you give to these ministries, you’re giving more than the obvious food, medicine, clothing, and training benefits. You’re giving purpose, hope, dignity, and community; empowering blessings that change every aspect of these women’s lives. And this International Women’s Day KGM India’s ladies say “thank you” to each and every one who played a part in showing God’s goodness to them.


Millions of Indian women grow up feeling broken, hopeless and of little value simply because they are female. You can minister to them by partnering in prayer with a woman pastor. Give these leaders the physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to bring God's comfort and truth to hurting hearts. Text Kathy at 561.358.7635 to learn more. 

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