Launch Your Prayer Mission


When you pray for a pastor, you are helping to reach an entire village of unreached people.
  • Your prayers will help change the course of a lost world.
  • You will see God win victories that you never dreamed possible.
  • And as God answers specific prayers for your pastor, you will share in his or her joyful thanksgiving and strengthen your faith, as well.

Want to know you're meeting critical needs?
  Pray for a Pastor!

As members of their communities, KGM native pastors have unique insight into the needs and challenges within their communities. Finding and meeting the specific needs of people, in their unique set of circumstances, these workers are being used by Christ to transform communities and provide hope to people who may have never experienced it before.

Want to serve the poor, the sick, the widows and orphans?
 Pray for a Pastor!

Through a pastor's leadership of KGM compassion ministries, he or she is also God’s hands and feet that care for the poor, the unemployed and uneducated, the widows, the sick and the vulnerable children in the Indian villages he or she serves.

Want to share your hope with the unreached?
 Pray for a pastor!

These workers are on the front lines. God is using them powerfully to transform entire communities. But the work is far from finished. Millions more still need to hear of Christ’s love and experience it in tangible ways.

Dear KGM Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Kathy and I were on a mission trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary when I met Pastor Saha. To me, missions – seeing God at work up-close in other lands – is like walking right into the book of Acts. God’s Word comes alive in fresh ways. 

But going on mission trips, while a blessed experience, is not why I believe God birthed in me the idea of this ministry. Even supporting Pastor Saha in his mission to reach the unreached in India was only part of His plan. As always, God uses everything for our good and His glory. And that has proven true in this ministry. Because in the process of serving the Lord in India, He has profoundly deepened my love for Him. He has drawn close to me in fresh, new ways. And I want others to experience that, too.

It is my passion to grow closer to the Lord and see my fellow Christ followers here deepen their relationship with Christ, as well. 

In my personal experience, living out our commitment to Jesus’ Great Commission together, in a personal way through our prayers and generosity, is one of the best ways to grow closer to Jesus. 

One of Kerusomen’s core values is to know Christ more fully and intimately. We can do this several ways:  By working in the ministry through generosity, time, and mission trips; and by praying for the ministry and encouraging each other to pray. That's what this new prayer ministry is all about.  

As we each pray for a specific pastor who is reaching those in India who have yet to comprehend the depth of God's love and grace, we are better able to lean in and hear God’s heart  beating for His creation.  Prayer is our foundation. It heightens our awareness of Jesus’ presence. Nothing happens without it.

We welcome you to come on this "prayer mission trip" with us. And may God bless you richly during your journey.

Tom Caprio, President
Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

P.S. We have over 60 KGM partners who are praying for pastors - but we have nearly twice that many India pastors. That means many pastors are waiting for someone to pray for them. Would you be that someone? Call or text Kathy Caprio at 561.358.7635. We'd love to answer any questions you may have. You'll get a Pastor Profile with information and photos of your pastor's family, the village or villages he serves in and the people he's reaching. Plus a daily prayer plan and personal prayer requests so you can pray with knowledge and passion.

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