Thursday, May 7, 2020

Covid 19 Lockdown Miracles l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

While the virus has taken hold around the globe, we want you to know that the work you are a part of in India is as strong as ever. Almost daily we are receiving reports about how God is working in more hearts than ever before. As people are experiencing hopelessness, our KGM pastors have a greater urgency and opportunity to share the hope we have in Christ Jesus.

Like a page out of the Book of Acts, entire families are hearing, believing and being saved. We've compiled some of  God's amazing grace stories they've shared so you can rejoice with us...

In India, our pastors are using a wide variety of platforms to spread His Word and the miracle of life transformation is happening.  When restricted from visiting homes, they are using WhatsApp, Instagram, and livestreaming media to communicate with seekers.
  • One pastor shared a picture of a Hindu friend’s sick daughter in a WhatsApp group who then prayed for her. The child is feeling better and the family is asking questions about Jesus. Other pastors report similar stories.
  • Unable to visit homes, a pastor in northern India is also using WhatsApp and posting stories on Instagram for the teachers and students he works with. Many people are responding with questions that allow him to share the Good News. He has also live-streamed Gospel messages on FaceBook that are opening doors and bearing fruit.
  • Another pastor is sharing with friends and family on smart phones and conference calls. A Hindu sister received the Lord on one of these calls.
In some states where allowed, pastors are visiting neighbors and hospitals and the Holy Spirit is moving miraculously.  Three people received the Lord when another pastor visited an emergency room to pray with patients. One pastor is visiting homes and showing movies about the life of Christ.

Pastor Saha reports story after story of people being saved from suicide, depression, anxiety about debts and hopelessness by the power of the Holy Spirit who is emboldening these pastors to fearlessly share their faith during this pandemic.

 People of all faiths (including atheists) have experienced new life through their fearless testimony.

Like a page out of the Book of Acts, entire families are hearing, believing and being saved.

In Colossians 4, the Apostle Paul says “devote yourself to prayer, be watchful and thankful, and pray for us that God may open a door for the Gospel message.” During the lockdown, the pastors in India have been praying faithfully (for two hours each day) via conference call for the repentance of the world and revival of the churches. God is answering their prayers every day.

Pastor Saha wrote: “They are praising God and you can join us in praising Him.”

We love that we get to be the church together with our India pastors and believers. Together, we are sowing the Gospel seeds even in the midst of COVID-19 and reaching the unreached.

Thank you for giving to keep the KGM church pastors strong so we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in India. God's church is still growing because of your faithful support. We truly couldn't do it without you. 

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