Monday, January 6, 2020

How God Saved Sarada l A Kerusomen Widow Rescue Story

Thanks to members of the Well community, orphaned widows like Sarada are safe and full of hope. There is great value in sending compassionate financial gifts to rescue widows in India. And you do that.

Sarada, Jomol, Tom Caprio,
 Pastor Saha, Local Pastor & Widows

But one of the biggest gifts you give, as a member of Kerusomen Gospel Ministries widow rescue program, is community. Because every rescue is accomplished by indigenous pastors and believers in India.

Money for desperate women and children, whose immediate need is food and medicine, is just the first step we take to help the widows you support. But that's not enough.

Sarada and her daughert, Jomol

They need acceptance. They need God to restore their stolen identity. They need a loving community who honors and respects them. One that considers them precious and valuable.  One that willingly serves and encourages them on a regular basis. In short, a community who welcomes them into their family.

When you support a widow in India through Kerusomen, you know you are making a huge difference in their lives. Financially. Spirtually, Emotionally. Why? Because your hands and feet in India are the Church. And a church changes everything. New to Kerusomen? Learn more about the Well Widow Rescue Community.

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