Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Builders is a committed movement composed of monthly givers on a mission to reach the unreached and expand God's Kingdom in India. 

The Builders are individuals, pastors, and business leaders with the gift of generosity. They are committed to growing God's church and expanding His Kingdom to every unreached person in India.

Together we're building a community of givers and prayer warriers, so generous and constant, that God will use it to transform entire communities for Christ. The Builders are people who are willing to give not just once but who will stick with us month in and month out faithfully fighting for the unreached peoples of India.

Why Champion the Unreached?

We believe no one should live and die without having the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus. Of the estmated 3 billion unreached in the world, 1.3 billion live in India.  96% of India's population is unreached.  We're on a mission to change that. Watch the 4 minute video below to see why we're so passionate about reaching India's unreached.  

Experience the Lasting Impact
God is moving in India.  Experience how The Builders are changing lives in this 3 minute video:

The Builders: It's About Hope

There are 460,000 villages in India with no Christ followers. Together we can change that. We must change that.  It is our God-given commission.

We subscribe to things every month. Cable TV. Internet. Magazines. Movies. Music. We're loyal to these things because they benefit our lives but partnering with The Builders benefits other peoples lives. Eternally. The Builders is open to anyone who feels called to help plant churches and commits to pray regularly and give monthly.

It costs just $50 a month to plant a church in one of these believer-barren, missionary-starved villages. And that includes pastor training and support for an entire year. Some of us give more. Some of us less. But whatever God calls you to give, 100% goes directly to the mission field to plant churches. And we'll keep you updated via Email, special gatherings, and zoom calls to celebrate your impact and remind you just how much your contribution matters.

The Builders: It's About Sharing

Do you know someone who needs to hear about these unreached people in India? Your next door neighbor? Your best friend? Your small group at church? Invite them to visit this Blog. There are videos and articles that tell the story. Board members also give short presentations to churches, small groups, and other organizations interested in learning more about the unreached and our mission. Contact Tom Caprio to schedule a date: 561.310.2141 or email

It is Kerusomen's five year anniversary this year. To celebrate we're looking to double our number of church plants annually. Our year-end goal is to fund 14 new church plants by the New Year ($8,400). We believe that many people would love to participate. They simply have no idea of how difficult it is for the majority of seekers to hear about the Gospel in India.

They don't know about the 460,000 tribal villages that are tough to reach, both geographically and culturally. They've heard about large, mainstream ministries that are doing wonderful work in India's large cities and believe they've got the nation covered. This misconception is leaving behind millions and millions of seekers in India who need to hear the Good News.

But you can change that. These tribal peoples are exactly where our partner in India is called to go and plant churches. Thank you for being a voice for these unreached peoples. For caring enough to share their story today.

The Builders: It's About Praying
This ministry depends on the prayers of its partners above all else. Check out our Pray for India page for a beautiful video prayer from prayercast.  You can also join our prayer team.

And we would love to pray for you, as well. The KGM Board meets regularly so send your prayer requests to so we can join with you in prayer.

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