Monday, May 6, 2019

Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request

This year India moved up into the top 10 on the World Watch list for Christian persecution. 
Pastor Saha has been holding church services and conducting all Kerusomen India operations from his home, a residential zone in Kerala.  Over time, his non-Christian neighbors have become more and more aggressive in their efforts to stop him. Because this is a residential area, Pastor Saha has had to proceed carefully but God has blessed his ministry with tremendous growth, despite this growing persecution...

Pictured above is land in Kerala, India just a short distance from Pastor Saha's home.  The land owner is Christian and the government has given Pastor Saha permission to build church facilities on it. 

Pastor Saha has an opportunity to purchase the 1.3 acres for $122,000.  His long term vision is to build a church building, a Community Charitable Center that will include a medical facility, a widow rescue center, and a kindergarten school that are badly needed to serve the local community, plus a Training Facility with dorm rooms where pastors and missionaries can stay when they attend training classes or conferences.  Once built, during times that Kerusomen is not holding functions, some of these facilities could be rented to other Christian organizations as an event venue and/or housing to generate income for the ministry.  

God has provided Pastor Saha with an opening to proceed with the purchase.  In faith, Pastor Saha has given a small deposit to the seller.  Here is the opening God has provided:

The land owner has offered to sell him a smaller parcel (nearly 1/2 acre) of this piece of land for $30,000 outright, with no obligation to purchase the other parcels but the opportunity to do so if God provides. He has given him until  May 15 to make another deposit in the amount of $17,000 and until September 15, 2019  to pay for the parcel in full.  This parcel is valuable because it is situated on the exterior portion of the property next to the road, perfect for a church building.

The Kerusomen Board is praying for clarity, guidance, and provision for a biblical, debt-free way for Pastor Saha to proceed with the purchase of this parcel or even all of the property, if it is His will. We are also praying for provisions for the buildings.  
We need your prayers. 

  • Please ask God to provide the balance of the funds to complete the purchase of the $30,000 parcel and additional funds to construct a building on it.
  • Please pray that we are sensitive and obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit as He reveals His will regarding the rest of the property and Pastor Saha's vision for it.  Pray that we will boldly, with humility and faith, walk through the open doors He provides, in His perfect timing. 
We expect the next five months to be an exciting journey with God. Please include Pastor Saha and his wife, Anju, in your prayers as they wait on the Lord for His will to be made clear in this time-sensitive matter.

Thank you for joining us in faith, asking God to align our hearts and desires for His perfect outcome that will give Him all the praise and glory.  

God bless you,  
Tom Caprio and the Kerusomen Board

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