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India Widows "Condemned to Live"

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your spouse died?

Ranjana Kumari, Director Center for Social Research, India
For those of you who aren't married, think of your parents and use your imagination.

In my case, on top of losing the man that I love, I know my life would be inevitably changed in multiple ways. And more than that, I imagine being a widow is like, well, losing a part of your identity and getting a new one you never, ever wanted.

BUT, I know my Savior lives and I know He loves widows so I am at peace, knowing He will be by my side all the way home.

But what if I didn't know Jesus?  What if I grew up in a culture where everyone I care about believed my being a widow was all my fault.

Worse, what if I believed that, too?

This video news report depicts how this devastating belief impacts the lives of millions of Indian women who are widows.

This video contains excerpts from a 25 minute news report. Widows of Vrindavan
In the video, Ranjana Kumari, pictured above, made a haunting statement about the life of widows in India:  "Their life unfolds before them as if they are not a person, but just a kind of living being, condemned to live."

How Can We Change This Hopeless Mindset?  

Because widows in India find little and often no help from their Hindu religion,their culture, or their family, imagine how they respond when they meet Jesus....

Encountering Jesus Changes Everything

Hindu Message
Jesus Message

They feel shame. They believe that they caused the death of their husband. They believe they did something in a previous life that resulted in his death.

Jesus offers forgiveness, a past wiped clean, and a new identity.  Their value is restored. Imagine their joy to find out Jesus loves them and died for them.

They believe that they deserve to be alone, abandoned and shunned. 

Jesus calls them daughter and adopts them as a   precious member of His family. He says he will never, ever leave them or forsake them.

They believe that remarrying will curse their new husband, so they don't. 

 Jesus offers His unconditional love.  He calls them beloved.  He is a husband to the widow.

They believe that they must devote themselves to Krishna, praying every day to die, so they will earn salvation and won't have to repeat this life as a widow again. And every day their prayer isn't answered they are 'condemned' to live another.

Jesus offers them LIFE abundant, right here, right now. AND, he promises them the free gift of eternal life and a forever home with Him in heaven.

It's easy to see why widows in India are very open to the Good News. But why would they believe us given all their religious and cultural indoctrination? 

Love in action opens the door.

Sharing the Gospel starts with meeting a widow's basic needs for food and medicine.

Just $15 a month keeps a widow in India fed.

Most widows are surprised and even suspicious when they are offered help, with no strings attached. They are used to being ignored and mistreated.  They expect to be shunned, not served.

But in time, the love of Christ in action creates curiosity.  Sooner or later they ask, "Why are you doing this?"  They are even more surprised to find out about Jesus great love for widows, children and others who are vulnerable.

To learn they are made in God's image, have value and purpose as His creation and that their purpose doesn't end when their husband dies, restores their dignity.

And they respond.

To learn more about you can get involved helping orphan widows in India, check out KGM's India Widow Initiative.  Or, if you're ready to help a widow now, click the donate button below.

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