KGM Gifts of Hope Certificates l Shopping Simplified, No Kidding!


A gift is often an act of kindness, an expression of love, or a token of appreciation. Sometimes it’s also a uplifting vote of confidence—an encouragement to stay hopeful.


Pick a gift in honor of your loved ones. 

The gift you select will be delivered to KGM India Pastors to distribute to those who are struggling the most in their church family. To learn more about each gift, click the link below.


    Choose items to purchase. Or give an amount of your own choosing; your gift will go to KGM’s area of greatest need. 

    1. Click the 'Give a Gift' link below. 
    2. You will be taken to Paypal. Choose your gift (chickens or goats) from the drop down menu. Or click here if you prefer to mail a check.  
    3. Send your loved ones a gift certificate to tell them about your gift in their honor. 

    Through your generosity, Kerusomen Gospel Ministries provides men, women, families, and abandoned widows in India with discipleship, biblically based training, and a safe place for women to save and learn new small business skills. Thank you for transforming lives for generations with Compassion and Hope for All.

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