Sunday, February 20, 2022

Happy 10-Years FNF l KGM Impact Partner Spotlight


Friends Needing Friends Florida Celebrates 10-Years

Nothing gives us greater joy than seeing widows get access to a ministry like Friends Needing Friends International Sisterhood of Widows. 

Ten years ago God called Dotti Ackerman to leave the thriving widow ministry she had founded, nurtured, and grown in New Jersey and start a new life in Florida. 

She could have kicked back and enjoyed her grandchildren. 

She could have traveled with friends. 

She could have learned to play golf and "do lunch" with the girls.

But God had another plan...and when God calls, Dotti doesn't think twice. She  follows. 

And we're so thankful she did because Friends Needing Friends Florida was born. Now the ladies of FNF partner with Kerusomen bringing new hope to widows in India. They PRAY daily for specific India widows, they PARTNER financially through our widow rescue, savings groups, and vocational training ministries,.and they PROCLAIM God's mighty works in the lives of  India's widows with friends here and around the world on their blog:

Thanks FNF Florida! We're so grateful for each and every one of you. The part you play in Kerusomen's ministry is priceless and brings glory to God.  

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