Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Pray for India Children's Ministries l How KGM Reaches Kids of All Faiths

In India, 22 million children will turn 15 this year. KGM churches do everything possible to reach these kids long before they reach that age through their Vacation Bible School and Sunday School programs. Why? Because research says four out of five people who believe in Jesus are influenced by someone or something by the age of 14.

Jessica, Pastor Saha’s daughter, is a leader in the children’s ministry and in particular, Kerusomen's VBS program. Similar to Vacation Bible School in the U.S., KGM’s VBS is held during the school summer break in June. Most of these kids come from oral cultures, people who learn best through the oral arts of storytelling, music, and drama. At VBS the kids learn Biblical action songs, games, drama skits and prayers.  

The Vacation Bible School program is an important part of KGM’s church planting ministry. It’s well accepted in India and most parents of all faiths are eager have their children participate in the week long program. The activities are a great way to bring children together and allow leaders, like Jessica..

to build relationships with them. Many times these friendships influence families to attend church services where the kids can go to Sunday School. There these boys and girls are introduced to Jesus and when they share what they’ve learned at home, entire families come to know Christ.

During the Covid lockdown, Pastor Saha was approached by a Hindu family to pray for their young child who was having behavioral challenges and unable to sleep. The family believed the child was being tormented by a demon.  When the parents had exhausted all of their normal resources to find help for their boy, the boy’s elder sister suggested they contact Pastor Saha. The girl, who had been attending KGM’s VBS for several years, believed Jesus could help her brother.  Today the child is better and the entire family attends church services where they are learning more about Jesus.

In the short video above, Jessica asks for your prayers to continue to bless the KGM Vacation Bible School and Sunday School ministries. As KGM prayer and church planting partners, it's good to know you are delivering these Kingdom programs to thousands of India's children. Because you planted a church, entire communities and the next generation's lives are being transformed.

If you are able, you can also bless these children by helping their families meet their basic food needs through the gift of some chickens or a goat this Christmas.

Malnutrition is a huge problem for India's children in the best of times. And it's likely to get much worse in the aftermath of Covid-19.

The problem is far more than a child going to bed hungry, while that in itself is truly heartbreaking. According to World Vision,:

 "In India, 48% of children younger than five fail to grow because they do not have enough food to eat. They will never regain the growth they missed.  61 million children, are stunted from lack of nutrition and they live in India. That's 30% of the world's stunted children - in one country."

Learn how gifting a backyard animal can provide these children with a sustainable source of good nutrition plus give the family extra income to pay for their school fees. Your gift of  a healthy food supply and the prospect of a good education will transform the lives of these boys and girls, restoring hope for the future. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you, richly.  

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