Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Animals Make a World of Difference for Widows in India

One of our partners, Friends Needing Friends, is a widow's ministry headquartered in Florida. For six years this amazing community of women have generously supported 18 KGM widows in India. Every year FNF has also sponsored a Christmas party for these widows complete with lunch, gifts and a program. This Christmas because of Covid-19, the widows in India are experiencing their worst economic hardship in years. 

In good times these women and their children survive on as little as $1.90 a day. Now with the pandemic to contend with, the future of these families looks bleaker than ever before. The fear of disease is keeping employers unwilling to re-open; the well-to-do won't allow domestic help to enter their homes. Many of these widows are disabled. Unlike America, most Indian citizens have no government safety net to fall back on. It's even worse for widows; help from the outside is their only hope...

During the Covid lockdown, FNF joined us in sending emergency food packages to the starving widows and their communities. It was a lifesaver, for sure, but only for the short term. Dotti Ackerman, Founder and Director of FNF, and a Kersuomen board member, joined the rest of the KGM Board praying for an answer. 

As always, God's plan is so much bigger than we imagine.

We think BAG of food. He says BUILD a business.

God doesn't want to provide food for a day, a week or even a month. No, He offers us the blessing of joining Him in a transformational mission: providing food and income for entire communities. Creating businesses that will last generations.

As the holidays approach, you can join Friends Needing Friends and give widows in India a gift that lasts a lifetime. Prayerfully consider partnering with us to provide 65 goats and 500 chickens to abandoned widows and struggling families in India. A gift of just $25 can create lasting change and a make a huge difference. 

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