Giving Tuesday Match Week l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

Double Your Impact! Starting today every dollar you give can be $2.

We're so grateful for supporters who have already given.
We're 36% of the way to our year-end goal.
Now let's close the gap for widows like Sammi.

Battu Sammi is a 72-year old widow who attends services at KGM Grace Church in Telangana. She has worked hard to make ends meet since her husband died and her three sons abandoned her 15 years ago. 
She lives alone and needed KGM's emergency food help to last out the 45 day Covid-19 lockdown. Now that businesses are reopening, Sammi was dismayed to discover that food and medicine prices are skyrocketing well beyond her meager means. Many people are falling back into extreme poverty in her community. 
The Brookings Institute estimates that around 10 million more people will be thrown back into extreme poverty in India as a result of this pandemic.
Poverty threatens to keep Sammi's future hopes for herself on lockdown. But you can change that. In India $25 = a small business start-up. 
That’s why we’re working to raise $9,000 to invest in chickens and goats to help widows and families start backyard businesses that will give them a steady source of food plus a part or even full-time income in the wake of COVID-19.

For one week only a generous partner will match your gifts,
dollar for dollar, up to $1,000. 

Now is your opportunity to come alongside widows like Sammi.
Give a Gift Now.
For the next 7 days 
every dollar you give can become $2!
Your Impact Multiplied 
Matching funds is the most powerful tool you have to steward your resources
 and maximize your impact for God's glory. As we start the Christmas giving season,
matching funds helps you make an even bigger difference. 
How many lives will you transform? We can't wait to see!
Thank you.

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