Sunday, September 6, 2020

Hope Restored l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

 As Covid-19 drags on in India, many families in crisis are giving up. In a haze of desperation and despair, one brick worker and his wife* made a suicide pact when he lost his job.

In Times of Trouble    

The couple had gone into debt to secure their daughter a husband.  The dowry fee was huge.  The husband’s family finally agreed the marriage could proceed, but it took all their savings - just to pay the interest on the first payment.  Since the wedding, the economy had worsened and work was scarce. They kept up with the monthly interest payments, but the dowry debt itself had not decreased a penny.  Then came the pandemic lockdown.

Coming from a prestigious Hindu family, they were embarrassed to tell anyone about their financial crisis. Besides, everyone else was suffering, too.  Alone and out of options the couple decided to end their lives. But they also agreed to wait for the lockdown to lift so they could travel to see their daughter one last time.  

God is a Very Present Help

While they were waiting to travel, Pastor K, a KGM pastor was distributing food in their village. The KGM church he served at was only a few blocks away from their home.  They invited him in to visit and the pastor was led by the Holy Spirit to share scriptures with them that talked about life after death.  This made them sit up and listen. They began to ask him questions because they believed they would reincarnate after death. 

Convicted by the truth of God’s word, they accepted Christ and rejected their thoughts of suicide. The pastor continued to teach them over the next few weeks and they decided to obey Jesus and be baptized. The story of their escape from death and restored hope has opened the hearts of their daughter and son-in-law who now are receiving teachings from the Word from Pastor K.  On one of his visits Ramesh said, “I’ve missed this love for many years.”  Siya wept during the baptism and shared with church members testifying,  “I’m overwhelmed by the knowledge that the reason we live today is because Christ lives.”

World Suicide Prevention Day

We invite you to join us in prayer on September 10th as we thank the God who is, in all circumstances, our refuge and strength. Let's praise Him for his mercy and kindness to Ramesh and Siya.  And ask Him for His guidance and wisdom to fill Pastor K as he shares the Gospel with their children. We are humbled to support His hands and feet, the KGM churches in India, as they spread compassion and hope to all.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1

*not pictured for their protection; names changed

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