Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Celebrating Friends Needing Friends a KGM Covid 19 Food Relief Partner

The ladies of FNF Palm Beach and New Jersey were incredibly generous with their gifts, prayers, and love for the widows in India during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. Their kindness, in the midst of their own struggles at this difficult time, is inspiring and appreciated.

When the Kerusomen Board told Dotti Ackerman, FNF's founder, that the Covid 19 pandemic was putting widows in India at greater risk than ever before, she didn't hesitate for one second.

Immediately a letter with a video describing the crisis was sent to FNF members. In it Dotti explained that the pandemic lockdown had cut off the India widows from food, medical supplies, and all social contact for months.The response was overwhelming and quick!  Thanks to these ladies, two more truckloads of food were delivered to the poorest villages and areas. We can never thank them enough.

A Special Heart for India Widows 

Long before the Covid 19 virus, our local partner, Friends Needing Friends, (with its members from Florida and New Jersey Chapters) has provided monthly financial support to 17 orphaned widows in India as members of the KGM Well Community.

The plight of these Indian widows is truly pathetic. The women suffer extreme poverty and have no family to help support them.  Many of them are disabled. In India, when her husband dies, a woman no longer has a place in society. She is tossed to the fringe where she suffers extreme forms of dishonor, abandonment, discrimination, isolation and hopelessness.

Kerusomen is blessed to have Dotti and the FNF members as partners who sacrificially and generously support these needy widows every month plus go the extra mile to bless them in times of emergency like the Covid 19 pandemic. To learn more about FNF, check out their new brochure  New Hope For Widows or visit the Friends Needing Friends Blog.

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