Tuesday, June 23, 2020

International Widow's Day 2020 l How KGM Empowers India Widows During Covid 19 Pandemic

It’s International Widows Day and we just want to say “God Bless!” to every wonderful woman in God's special sisterhood of widows.  We love you and want you to know how grateful we are to know you and how much you are appreciated.  

Today and every day Kerusomen Gospel Ministries and its’ amazing community stands with widows in India in the fight for equality, dignity, and new hope.  The work we do in partnership with the KGM Foundation in India is more important than ever during this Covid 19 recovery period. And God has moved mountains to meet the need. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and partnership. To learn more about our ministry to widows and how you can get involved visit What's the Well or click the link below for related articles.

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