Monday, October 14, 2019

Fast Your Birthday and Change Lives

Fast Your Birthday and Change Lives

Imagine: Your Birthday a Blessing

Just by skipping your birthday...

That's what Maureen did this year. By giving up (fasting) her birthday to rescue widows in India, she raised a total of $315 dollars (including personal checks sent directly to her). This was nearly enough to provide 2 widows food and medicine aid FOR A YEAR. 
These widows are outcasts, simply because their husbands died. Without help, they live in deplorable conditions, all alone. They suffer acute poverty and are shunned by a superstitious society that thinks they are bad luck. For lack of education and any source of income, many beg on the streets. Others turn to prostitution to survive. This is  the dismal future that Maureen's birthday fast saved at least two of them from.

Here's the simple post she placed on her Facebook page:

People like Maureen inspire us everyday with their willingness to sacrifice for others. She is a hero to us. Thank you Maureen for giving us an example to follow and another reason to celebrate YOU every single day. 

Doing a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser or a Facebook Birthday Fast, as we like to think of it, is easy to do and an awesome way to make your birthday a blessing.  Click on the picture below to learn more or start your campaign now.

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