Sunday, March 17, 2019

Kerusomen Gospel Ministries New Partnership Provides Lunches to Haitian School Children

Lunches for Less: $1 Feeds 10 Children 


There is a severe lack of food for the people living in the Northwest region of Haiti. The area is desert-like because of the lack of rain plus the lava-like ground condition makes it almost impossible to grow anything. Most people have only enough food to eat one meal each day....
We have found extreme cases of malnutrition.
We felt our best option to help was to partner with Living Water Ministries who have established a school lunch program. Feed My Starving Children has been giving LWM vitamin enriched food since 2007; LWM added rice and beans to increase the quantity each child receives.

LWM has found that a steady diet of nutritional food every day prevents health issues and increases a student’s ability to study at school.The cost of each meal is 10 cents. The food at home is better able to feed the rest of the family since the children eat at school.

There are women at every school who prepare the meals in time for lunch. This ensures that the food is eaten by the children and not sold in the marketplace.

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