Widow Rajam ISOS Impact Story


Hers is a Romeo and Juliette story. Born into a wealthy Hindu home, her parents were furious when Rajam fell in love with a poor farmer way beneath her caste. The two married and Rajam's family cut off all contact and her inheritance. Undaunted, the couple happily raised two children who cried when daddy died. Even then, Rajam's relatives did not relent. Rajam was in a valley, but she was not alone. God sent a KGM pastor who took the family under his wing. Rajam writes,

She continues, "You also helped me get into ISOS, where the skills I learned qualified me to get a government job. 

I no longer need the $15 a month so I asked pastor to give my $15 from you to another needy widow. Thousands of appreciations for being everything to us. I always remember you in my daily prayers."


When it comes to caring for widows, the biggest difference maker is the consistent, daily work we do together. ISOS is bringing this concept to life for India’s widows and it’s inspired a NEW flow of blessings!

God provided a training opportunity for Rajam through the collective kindness
 of your gifts to ISOS Women's Groups that inspired her to:

    • Work hard to learn new skills. 
    • Land a better job and manage her money well. 
    • See a neighbor widow in need. 
    • Without hesitation, return her monthly gift to the Fountain Fund to feed her hungry neighbor. 
At Kerusomen, we believe that as long as we roll up our sleeves and work together as God leads, this cycle of generosity will repeat itself again and again and again. Because God made a promise: “I will open…fountains in the midst of the valleys.”

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