Thursday, March 7, 2024


Find out how you made a way for Prahbu to save her health and her business; helped her come to know Jesus and even turn her home into a gathering place of worship and prayer.

When the tailoring business Prahba had built after her husband died was barely hanging on by a thread, God intervened through you. 

Prahbu was just 32 with a seven-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, when her husband was killed in an accident. Like many women in India, Prahbu had little education; but she knew how to sew so she did what she had to do, she built a tailoring business to support her family.

But after working long hours every day for fifteen years, her body gave out. By the time Rani, a KGM women’s group leader, invited her to an ISOS meeting, Prahbu had lost all hope of her dream of a better life for her children. Her swollen legs could no longer operate her manual sewing machine pedals. How could she pay for her children’s education? She couldn’t provide for herself!

To her surprise, Prahbu found at her very first ISOS meeting that the Bible stories she heard and spiritual discussions she participated in comforted her and gave her hope of life after death. Week after week at meetings she deposited a couple dollars into the group’s joint savings account then eagerly listened and learned more. Slowly her faith grew and she came to believe that one day she would take a loan to buy an electric motor for her sewing machine.

To her astonishment, she arrived one meeting day and there on her chair was the electric motor she’d been saving to buy. Out of love and concern for her, her sister ISOS members had generously pitched in to purchase the gift.

Today, Prahbu has resumed her business and her legs are healthy. Her income provides for her household needs and she sends her two children to school without financial strain.

But for all the transformational change Prahbu has experienced since you enrolled her in ISOS – from restored health to a rescued career - she reflects that her greatest gain has been spiritual and she is leading her family and others to Christ by teaching Bible stories and prayers in her home. 

You can help a woman in India by enrolling her into an ISOS Women's Transformation Group. 100% of your $25 gift (or gift of any amount!) goes directly to train and empower her to use her God-given talents to lift herself out of poverty and, above all, meet Jesus.


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