Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Thank you for changing my life

 We want you to have peace of mind about your stewardship. Whether you choose to join us by giving once, or monthly, KGM Volunteer Board Members cover all operating costs so 100% of your generous gift will bring income producing animals directly to downtrodden families in India.


"Thank you for changing my life."

Ancy and her widowed mother live in Kerala, India. KGM Pastor Simon says Ancy and her mother are "the poorest of the poor" struggling to make ends meet on less than $2.00 a day.
All of Ancy's life she has known poverty, for she and her family belong to one of the most underprivileged people groups in the area. As Nadars, Ancy is classified among the "other backward classes." Socially and educationally disadvantaged and often discriminated against, many Nadar remain trapped in misery for generations. With few opportunities and no dowry to attract a good husband, it looked like Ancy's future would be no different until the gift of a female goat changed everything. 

Ancy knew that raising goats could help her and her mother do more than just survive, they could actually help them get ahead. For ten months she carefully tended to the animal's needs and last month her efforts paid off: Ancy's goat had triplets! Two females and one male. The mother goat produces plenty of milk for Ancy's family and the extra she sells for income.  Ancy plans to keep the male kid for breeding and growing her flock. 

To Ancy, these goats are not only pets she loves, they are a gift from God and with hard work, a lifeline out of poverty.  To share her blessing, in a month she will return not one, but both female kids to KGM India and Pastor Simon will give them to two more impoverished families. 

In just 10 months your gift of one goat is changing the lives of three families in Ancy's village. And that's not all. With a 150-day reproduction cycle, a single female goat can produce seven to nine goats in just two years! Soon Ancy's offspring will give birth and more kids will return to Kerusomen amd more lives will be blessed. Now multiply that by the 135 goats you gave to other families and you begin to get a glimpse of the huge impact your gifts of love are already making. 

Thank you for caring for these hard-working widows and families like Ancy's in India. Bless you for empowering our KGM pastors to lighten their financial burden and give them hope of a future.   

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