Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Empowering India’s at-risk women is a priority at Kerusomen Gospel Ministries. That’s why mission field stories of changed lives drive us to Pray, Partner, and Proclaim God’s mighty works and love for India’s at-risk women even more this year.  

In India, girls struggle in life from the day they are born until they die. Females are unwanted and considered of no value because they can’t pass down the family name. Here's a few reasons why KGM stands strongly with India’s women...

Many upper class families terminate the unborn girl; while the poor starve the newborn. The consequent shortage of females results in India’s being home to the largest number of child brides in the world: 23 million of them.

Over 1.6 million were married before their 15th birthday. One and a half million adolescent Indian girls, are married every year.

Girls are so unwanted that: they get less medical care; are fed less than boys; and they are rarely allowed to go to school since household chores and taking care of siblings is “more important.”

27% of girls drop out of school every year simply because they lack clean hygiene for menstrual care.

This widespread cultural distain for women in India causes disturbing trends: India has the highest number of malnourished females in the world. Additionally, there are skyrocketing sexual crimes against women, and over 40 million abandoned widows. 

Pastor Anju, India’s Director of KGM Women’s Ministries, is absolutely determined to help India’s women in practical ways that will last from generation to generation. In this video taken on our Mission trip in late 2019, she shares her heart for this important ministry:

Daisy and every other woman you saw in the video are extremely poor and illiterate but they do not want charity. They are women of all faiths who are strong, tenacious, intelligent and motivated. Women who are working hard every day to make a better life for themselves and their children – just as we are. The only difference is, we were born here, and they were born in India. At the weekly meetings these women find companionship, encouragement, learn how to save, get skills training, and hear – perhaps for the first time – that they ARE VALUABLE because God, their Father, loves them.

By the grace of God, we have the opportunity to intercede for these women. Let’s pray for them, let’s proclaim God’s works through their stories, and let’s be God’s answer to their prayers by investing in another at-risk woman this Giving Tuesday., November 30, or right now:

Suggested gift: $25

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