Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Double Your JOY l March Match Funds to Celebrate International Women's Day

Strong. Servant. Leader. Today we end International Women’s “Week” celebrating Pastor Anju Saha,  Director of KGM India Women’s Ministries and the inspirational leader of  ISOS.  Before ISOS, these ladies viewed themselves through the lens of the obstacles they face. But Anju sees them differently: Self-supporting. Confident.  Respected. Hope-filled. Women who are positive change-makers and valuable members of their communities. And thanks to God, this vision is becoming theirs. They are beginning to live new, transformed lives using the bible-based practical training ISOS gives. Anju knows many women in India living in unimaginable poverty. And she loves them too much to leave them there.  Learn how you can be part of this amazing women’s ministry and double your joy today. 

March Match DOUBLES Your Gift

We laughed. We cried. We rejoiced. The KGM Board had just posted the last International Women's "Week" story featuring three widows whose lives have been impacted by God through KGM partners and the ISOS Transformation Ministry in India. We barely hit "publish" when we heard the announcement: stimulus checks approved. Soon many Americans will receive them. A coincidence? Maybe. But then again...God planted a seed in our hearts: What if we pooled and pledged our tithe on our stimulus checks as a matching gift? What if we used this timely blessing to sponsor at least 40 more widows into the ISOS community? We just had to find out what God would do. Please pray with us that God will multiply this offering abundantly to bless His widows in India. The value received by a widow from each $25 gift is immeasurable. Thank you. 

Your $25 Gift Helps a Woman Fight for Her Future

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