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Poverty is a Women's Issue in Rural India l Kerusomen Celebrates International Women's Day Part 1

International Women's Day
Empower: Freedom From Poverty Starts Here

Alone. In debt. Physically broken. “My husband tortured and assaulted me in many ways. I tried to end up my life several times; my gods were not hearing my cry.” Shyamala’s abusive husband left her. But instead of feeling free and relieved, Shyamala felt shame. According to her culture, she was to blame for his abandonment. “I was 28 with two young children. I struggled a lot to rear them. Then my friend told me about KGM's Women’s Ministries."

At Kerusomen, we believe poverty is a women’s issue. We also know that poverty is not just a material condition. In honor of International Women’s Day, see how access to a Christ-centered women’s ministry can restore honor and empower rural Indian women like Shyamala to fight for their future.

Shyamala's transformation began shortly after her husband abandoned her. "In a KGM gospel meeting I accepted Jesus Christ who is the source of my hope and life." 

Armed with her faith and church family, Shyamala built a small business sewing clothes that fed her family and paid for her children's schooling for 20 years. But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, her business failed. 

"Because of the restrictions of Covid protocol, people did not want to visit my home. I became bankrupt. There was no money for buying medicine or meeting my regular needs at home. Members of KGM visited me and ever since started to help me monthly." 

Shyamala still doesn't know if her husband is alive or dead. But Kerusomen adopted Shyamala into the widow rescue program to help her bridge the gap in response to the crisis caused by the loss of her business. The physical beatings she endured in her marriage have caused her health to deteriorate faster than her age. The $15 a month pays for her medication and some food.  

KGM partners also paid Shyamala's $25 bank deposit, enrolling her into an ISOS Savings Group at her church. The fifty Isos members each save around $1 weekly and pool their resources in a joint bank account. Soon, Shyamala will be able to access loans from the group to help her rebuild.  

But Shamala's words of gratitude speak little of finances:  

"I do not have enough words to thank both KGM India and USA for being God’s instruments in picking me up from shame and honoring me with God’s righteousness and blessings."

Where Freedom from Poverty Starts

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. - Genesis 1:27

For the women of KGM ISOS, freedom starts with a program that affirms their potential as powerful image bearers of God the Father, Who loves them dearly.

ISOS Spiritual Foundation Empowers

KGM Transformation Groups focus on integrating an intentional, effective witness for Jesus Christ with excellent  business and skills training, saving and loan opportunities, and healthy fellowship. Each ISOS meeting opens with bible study and prayers. Teachings that show the value of women in God's eyes and His love for them, lay a firm foundation for lasting transformation.

It's no accident that Isos starts with a church because nobody loves women more than Jesus. And NO BODY but His Church, demonstrates that love better. 

We believe we're called to stand with these women. Their big ideas, fervent prayers, and tenacious spirits inspire us. The biggest obstacle facing women in underserved villages is saving the initial $25 to join ISOS. And we pray you will be impassioned to join us in this calling. 

Your $25 Gift Helps a Woman Fight for Her Future

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