Monday, December 7, 2020

Empowering India's Women to Share Their Faith l Pastor Anju Saha Director of KGM India Women's Ministry

 You Can Help a Woman in India Share Her Faith

As poor women in India, they have been taught to believe an education would be wasted on them. They are shy and timid about engaging in discussion or sharing their opinion. Just being asked to think is a new idea to them.

They are amazed that KGM is taking the time and trouble to teach them stories from the Bible. They are even more amazed that we are interested in their thoughts about them. Once they realize that their thoughts are welcomed and valued, they are eager to learn and able to understand, quickly discerning spiritual truths from the Bible stories.

Working their way from Creation to Christ, they memorize 42 Bible stories that are pictured on the Bible Storytelling Scarf. The pictures serve as memory anchors that help them remember each story and answers to the corresponding discussion questions accurately. After three days of training when the last story is done, they are filled with pride and joy to realize they have learned a summary of the entire Bible and are able to share the Gospel in their own heart language with others who are illiterate. 

Many of these sisters in Christ have already been doing ministry but they did so with feelings of fear, shame, and inadequacy. The Bible Storytelling Scarf training, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, gives them a newfound confidence to share the Gospel and a passion to go home and pass on everything they have learned. 

Until now, only teachers of the Bible Storytelling class have had access to the Bible Storytelling Scarf ministry tool. Pastor Anju, Director of KGM's Women's Ministries, desires to give each graduate a scarf to help them grow in their faith and empower them share it with their family, friends and neighbors. 

Anju knows that for many of these believers, this scarf will be the only “Bible” they will ever possess. Many are illiterate, have friends or family who are illiterate, or there are no Bibles translations in their home village's heart language. And in areas where persecution of believers is increasing, storytelling is the safest method of sharing their faith.

The Bible Storytelling Movement is helping to multiply the growth of KGM churches in India. It enables all believers to share the reason for their hope with confidence and accuracy. It opens doors to unreached people groups – both literate and illiterate – that have never been reachable before. And it does so by modeling Jesus, the master storyteller.

Women are especially drawn to the Bible Storytelling Scarf as a tool to share their faith. They can wear the scarf, hang it on a wall in their home, or easily carry it to the market, well, or when visiting family or friends. 

Learn more about the scarf and prayerfully consider equipping a woman with this simple, inexpensive tool as part of your Christmas or  year-end giving. Thank you.

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