Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Holiday Hope l KGM Gifts of Compassion & Hope

Feed the Hungry and MORE this Christmas

As a part of the Kerusomen family you are feeding the hungry and more. 
  • You're rescuing abandoned widows with food and medicine aid for their bodies and a loving community to restore their dignity and hope. 
  • You're empowering women to lift themselves and their children out of poverty through education and savings groups. 
  • And above all, you're pointing people, who desperately need real love, peace, hope, and healing in their lives, to the One who is able,  Jesus.
And this Christmas there's an opportunity to do more. Your gift of a goat or five chickens is an answer to  prayer for hungry families in India who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.  

God loves to take what we have - no matter how small or large it may be - and do so much more with it than we could ever do.  Gifting five chickens amounts to just over $2.00 a month if it was given over the period of a year. The gift of a goat breaks out to just $8 over the same timeframe. 

But in God's hands these are transformative gifts that He uses to create change in entire communities and bless lives for generations. 

This Christmas you can play an active part in feeding the hungry and honor your loved ones with valued-added gifts that make a real difference.

And for this week only you can multiply your gift with matching funds. Every dollar you give can become $2!  Please give as God leads you.

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