Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sharing the Joy Christmas Gift Idea

This Christmas you can honor the people you love with a gift that transforms lives. Here's what one of The Well members did for some of the people on her Christmas shopping list:

She gave a $15 gift to Kerusomen in the name of each member of her Small Group to support a widow in India. Then she created a Gift Card "certificate" for each person in her group by printing a standard sheet of paper card stock (pictured below).  Each certificate she gave supported a widow and her children for a month. By the time she was done with her group giving, one more widowed family will receive food, medical aid and visits of encouragement for the entire year of 2020.

We love hearing about the creative ways you support our ministry.  What a beautiful way to honor the people you love, introduce them to our ministry, and give the gift of hope to a needy woman in India in one simple gift package. Thank you! What an amazing group of generous givers you all are. We are humbled and inspired.

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