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A Christmas Miracle l Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

God's miracles come in different packages. Some are instantaneous and unmistakable. Others we don't recognize until much later. This Christmas you were part of one. It arrived in the shape of a church.
Kerusomen Gospel Church Palivela, Andhra Pradesh, India

In Andhra Pradesh, India 36% of the people live in urban slums. Unfit for human dwelling, clean water and toilets are scarce. Disease is rampant and everyone is vulnerable. 

"Many are jobless or sick. Some are abandoned. A few are scrap workers". says Pastor Saha.  
Rajahmundry Bridge*

But this Christmas YOUR love was delivered in the form of food by Pastor Jayapaul and KGM church workers to hungry people in one of these slum areas, near the Rajahmundry Bridge in Palivela Village. 
Indian Child Receiving Food at Christmas from Kerusomen Pastor

Because you cared and planted a church, these struggling residents felt the compassion of Jesus and heard about His love for them. 

Tens of millions of people in India live in poverty for multiple reasons: 
  • Government programs and job creators favor certain people groups over others for work, housing, and education.
  • Corrupt politicians steal funds sent to help the poor. 
  • Many populations, like widows, are rejected by family and society for cultural reasons.
  • And even those "fortunate" few who do find daily wage work, cannot support themselves or their families. They labor long hours for insufficient wages.  When no work is available, many resort to begging, scavenging or prostitution to be able to earn enough to eat. Others commit suicide due to hopelessness...

Kerusomen church workers are relieving these overly burdened people in their communites, rescuing the endangered and revealing God's love and compassion for them.

Pastor Jayapaul Pilavela, India Serving a Slum Community
Kerusomen Gospel Ministries Serve the Needy in India

Planting a Church Provides More Than a Meal to the Needy
Planting a KGM church transforms lives:
  • Widowed women and their children are rescued from a horrible life on the streets begging, becoming prostitutes, or being trafficked. 
  • Children are supplied with school uniforms, study materials, and Vacation Bible School.
  • Child and adult literacy and English classes help the illiterate. 
  • Free medicine and training in basic hygiene and preventative health measures help prevent malnutrition (India has the largest population of stunted children in the world) and preventable diseases. 
  • Financial aid is given to poor families impacted by the outlawed marriage dowry tradition, a practice that causes bride abuse and even deaths - 8,000 dowry deaths are reported each year in India. 
  • Finally, more than physical help, a church gives the forgotten people in slum areas hope. 
The Good News of God's love and mercy changes everything. The transformation of Christ in their hearts overflows into cleaner, kinder home and village environments.

1.2 Billion people in India live below the poverty line - that's 50 cents or less a day.

We believe planting churches is helping to change that, one person, one family, one village at a time. Sure, this mission is too big for us. But together we are making a real difference for the glory of God.

A picture's worth a thousand words.

As 2019 comes to a close our mission remains clear:
“What should we do then?” the crowd asked.  John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”
We know that without your generosity, our mission is over. We know you already give so much. But if you have friends or family who you think would partner with us, we'd be overjoyed to welcome them to our giving family.

Be sure to tell them:

Kerusomen Gospel Ministries is a 501c3 charitable non-profit corporation so all gifts given to KGM by December 31, 2019 are fully tax deductible as prescribed by law.

A monthly gift of $50 plants a church including pastor training and support for an entire year.

Rajahmundry Bridge Photo
 Tatiraju.rishabh - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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