Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Hungry Children of NW Haiti - Kerusomen Gospel Ministries

The Gift of Hope - Wrapped in a Hot Lunch

More Than a Meal for Children in Northwest Haiti

Almost all of us have experienced a tornado, or hurricane, or fire or something that has created a desperate situation. Living without our normal comforts - electricity, clean water, fresh food - even for a short time, is miserable. Sadly, the people in Northwest Haiti live in that desperation every day of their lives. 

Kerusomen Gospel Ministries partners with Living Water Ministries of the Palm Beaches in their outstanding School Lunch Program for Children living in Northwest Haiti. Poor diet is one of the major health problems in this region. Currently, LWM, with its partners, provides a hot, cooked meal each day at school to 4,500 students in 30 different schools. 

Take a trip to a remote village in Northwest Haiti with Sherissa, a volunteer for Living Water Ministry. In the film you will see a school being built, experience the excitement of the children and villagers, hear the dreams of a native pastor, and get a glimpse of what the love of Christ can do through you - with the gift of a hot lunch.    

Note: The video sound is set on off. Press the play arrow and turn on the sound.

$10 feeds 100 children lunch today!  Discover how...

Your Cost: Ten Cents a Meal.  

  1. Living Water Ministries gets the bulk of its lunch food, free of charge, from its partner, Feed My Starving Children, located in Minnesota. (
  2. LW adds extra rice and beans to bulk up the vitamin enriched food. They also pay for the customs and shipping costs to transport the meals to the schools in Haiti.
  3. All administrative overhead is paid by LW and KGM Board member donations.
  4. 75% Matching Funds Multiply Your Giving. Every dollar you donate becomes $4 with matching donor funds.

More Reasons to Partner With Kerusomen Gospel Ministries and Living Water:

  • KGM's President, Tom Caprio knows the founder and CEO of LWM, Fred Chalker, personally. Fred's life and activities have been one continual witness and devotion to the spread of the Word of God to the people he encounters both locally and internationally.  
  • LWM focuses on and believes that the spiritual needs of the children are a critical part of their ministry. Haiti is heavily saturated with Voodoo; few people are taught about the one true God. LWM is committed to changing that.
  • KGM believes Jesus has called us to help you make the most of your passion for Christ by identifying and supporting Christian Missionary organizations that multiply your impact for His kingdom. If you want to experience the joy of turning hunger into hope - where a little goes a long, long way - the Haiti School Lunch Program is an excellent vehicle to achieve your goal.
This is an amazing opportunity!
The average price of a cup of coffee in the U.S. is $2.70 - not including the tip.  A soda costs more: $3.33. 
Um...I think I'll skip mine today - how about you?

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