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Insert your gift card in any commercial Christmas or Hannukah greeting card.

Insert your tribute gift card inside a sympathy card to express your remembrance of the family's loved one.    
Insert your gift card in any commercial greeting card - birthday, anniversary, baptism, graduation, communion, father's and mother's day, Easter, and more.   


Discover how every single Tribute Gift Card is appropriate to give and insert in any commercial Holiday or special occasion greeting card as a special gift.


1. What are tribute cards?

  • There are two types of tribute cards:
    1) In memory of a life (Memorial Card.)
    2) A gift on behalf of a loved one on any special occasion to benefit a charity or non-profit organization (Honor Card.)

2. How do you send a tribute card?

  • Our cards are available for you to print or choose our convenient email format and we'll deliver them once you personalize your message.

 3. Why give in honor of someone?

  • Tribute Gift Cards are contemporary gift giving. They are becoming more and more popular each year. 33% of all donors choose to give Tribute Cards. They are a popular gift when giving to those who have everything, in memory of a life well-lived, and especially for those who live far away from the giver. 

  • People who receive Tribute Gift Cards love them!
      "I used to send I give something I think has more lasting value and meaning. It's a wonderfully creative way to give honor to the family's loved one and everyone who has received one is REALLY EXCITED about it."  Pam W., KGM partner
  • Tribute Gift Cards are a more creative and thoughtful gift. When you connect the gift card to something you know or appreciate about your honoree, a tribute gift card is just as - or even more - personal than shopping for the right store-bought gift . For example, if your honoree loves children you might choose an animal that provides hungry children in India with eggs or milk; if he or she is a teacher, you might choose a gift that helps the illiterate or keeps a girl in school. 
    !! FOR EASTER !!  Why give chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks when you can give real, live chickens that feed and earn income for an entire family?
  • Tribute Gift Cards are a good stewardship practice. Most of us don't need more "things" and neither do many of the people on our gift list. Making a habit of asking ourselves, "Will the coffee mug, chocolates, flowers, tie, or other store-bought gift I'm planning to give bless this loved one more than honoring them with a KGM Tribute Gift Card?" before we purchase our gifts is another way we give honor to God by stewarding our resources. 

  • Tribute Gift Cards don't wear out. Every material gift we give is but a momentary source of happiness. Tribute Gift Cards are not just a gift - they are life changers. They have lasting impact that brings lasting joy to the card giver, card receiver, gift recipient, and most of all to the kingdom of God. 
4. What size are the tribute cards?
  • Our 4 x 5 inch gift cards are the perfect size to slip inside any commercial greeting, holiday, or special occasion card to add a heartwarming touch that honors your recipient. Click on the cards below to view a sample of each page.
5. When can I give Tribute Cards? YEAR-ROUND for every occasion worth
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