Give Chickens in Jesus Name l KGM Gifts of Hope

The hunger crisis in India is massive. But together, we can change that.

KGM Volunteer Board Members cover all operating costs so 100% of your generous gift will bring income-producing animals directly to families in rural India. Whether you choose to join us by giving once, or monthly through Kerusomen's Fountain Community, we want you to have peace of mind about your stewardship.


Imagine living in abject poverty. You get up each day with one priority: survival. Without time or money to improve your situation, what's the best way out?

What if I told you obtaining animals is the answer. Seem unlikely?  India's government considers it one of the best ways for poor families in rural areas to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Here's what these animals provide: 


Entire families can sustain themselves with the meat, nutrient-rich milk, or high-protein eggs that goats and chickens provide.


As the animals reproduce, families can sell the leftover milk, eggs, cheese, and butter. And when the flocks and herds flourish, the kids and chicks can be quickly sold for even more cash.


  • Family members incapacitated by disease can become productive again
  • Children can go to school
  • Better healthcare and medicine are more affordable
  • Families can consider improving their living conditions and dwellings
  • The miserable cycle of poverty ends and a new cycle of prosperity begins for future generations


Families must show they are serious about providing a sustainable food supply and/or extra income for themselves and their children. In order to show their interest, they contribute their own money to feed and build shelter for the animals. Women and widows, who are the head of their households, can also attend training classes that teach them to manage money and achieve basic business skills. 

Each family agrees to give first-born animals to help another needy family in their village and welcome regular visits from KGM pastors to check on the family’s progress towards self-sufficiency. This ensures that the Gifts of Hope program will have lasting results.

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